Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Winding Ways & Wed. @ Pat's

I've had a busy & productive week . I finished "Springtime", this small quilt featuring Angelina Fibers in the center, looking icy blue, surrounded by springtime green, & bordered by the darker greens of summer.
I had fun free-motion quilting this little piece.

The fuzzy stuff on it is from a role of batting I unrolled from a bolt that I bought. It was folded in half, & I wanted to roll it flat on the bar under Lily, my Longarm machine. I spent over an hour crawling back & forth (actually it was more like crab walking), under Lily, trying to get the 40 yards of batting, rolled out smoothly. I was smart enough to wear a mask. Good thing too. There was white fuzz everywhere when I was finished.
I also added another layer to finish off this "About Time" piece. I actually made a whole cloth quilt for the last border, & just sewed the yarn edged piece to the top.
Here are some details....
I got 5 customer quilts this week.
This is a Winding Ways quilt from Margery Waggood. I did winding random feathers all over the surface..
It's all finished & gone home to Margery now.
On Wednesday I went to Pat Sim's house. Here she is (center), showing us her latest creation. It was magnificent!
Nancy Perry showed these silk fusion bowls she made, from an on line class she took. I guessed correctly, as soon as I saw the bowls, that it was Sue Bleiweiss's class on Joggles. Nancy was surprised that I knew her.

Nancy is most often known for her spinning & weaving textiles. Here, Pat is modeling a richly textured shawl that Nancy just finished.
Suzanne Koch showed 2 more of her beautiful little journal quilts. This she made about her feelings after the sale of her house.
This one was inspired by a visit to the museum & interaction with several different artists. She said it's her Grey matter popping with new ideas.
Nancy liked my rusted piece of fabric. She thought it would make a lovely scarf.
Our snow is almost all melted. The driveway is a mushy mess. There is volcanic ash all over outside, & I am hoping we get some nice spring rain soon to help wash things off a bit (though it will probably make the driveway worse). I keep telling myself we should plan our vacation for this time of year.


Vicki W said...

I love your Springtime! The FMQ is terrific.

Steph said...

Springtime is amazing I love it. Of course I love all your stuff. Very talented you are

Sue B said...

love that springtime piece Deb and Nancy's bowls are great!

Delighted Hands said...

Excellent blog post-loved all the colors and did amazing work on the winding ways quilt! I loved the shawl as weaving is my present passion!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Springtime is just lovely!

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful quilting Deb!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your Springtime is beautiful. The bear cub was so cute, so much fun to see. Your quilt bee has some very talented people.