Friday, January 09, 2009


That's the word for today!
-suspension or great diminution of sensibility.
I'm not a morning person. When I stumble out of bed, & up the stairs to the kitchen, I push the button on the coffee maker, then go sit on the couch until the coffee maker beeps & lets me know my brew is ready. Two large mugs & an hour later I can function.
This morning I did the usual, didn't hear the beep, but decided the coffee MUST be ready by now (20 minutes had gone by). I walked into the kitchen & realized there was SLUDGE in a big puddle all around the coffee maker. I had put the carafe into the dishwasher last night to clean it, before I went to bed. The coffee maker won't drip without the carafe in place, but the water will continue to run into the grounds filled basket until it just overflows everywhere. Nice mess!
I cleaned it up & went back to bed. Slept for 2 more hours. Now I've had coffee, & I feel alive!
Thanks for all of the input on my "new friend vs scam". I had already asked for a reference from a local quilt shop & explained my hesitance. She said she would be gone until next week, so we'll see if I hear from her again. Not to worry, I wouldn't send samples until I'm sure it's safe, & I would only send them to a legitimate Quit Shop or guild, never an unknown individual. I had just wondered if there had been anything like this out there, & if it sounds familiar to a few of you, then my guess is, my gut instinct is right, & I won't be seeing the Carson Valley this spring! Not a problem!
It has warmed up to -2 today! Heat wave! Ha!
Thanks again!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Oh dear....staggering awake to find a mess in the kitchen. No wonder you went back to bed for two hours!

Steph said...

I think we all have had mornings like that. I wake up pretty well and can function for the most part. I just don't like how i wake up, Kramer meows at me, then jumps on the bed at pats me with his paw in my face till I wake up and feed him.

Anonymous said...

Brrrrr. Stay warm. (PS I've done that.)

Carol said...

Ooops! Sounds like quite a mess. I would have gone back to bed too.

Always listen to your gut instincts. If things don't sound quite right to you - they probably aren't.

Delighted Hands said...

Mornings and I have a very uneasy truce, too! I laughed at your morning adventure-perfect!

Nanc said...

I must admit, the coffee mess has happened to me a few times. NOT what you want to do when you're half asleep! I'm in sunny Colorado now, where the temps are a lot warmer than Alaska! Shall I send some your way?? Stay warm!

Scrapmaker said...

Hate when that coffee mess happens (been there, done that). I'm not much good until after my caffeine either. Jen