Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday at Pat's

We had a lovely evening at our Wednesday at Pat's tonight. Suzanne, Jeannie & Polly are here at the table.
Pat's house is so artful, even the refrigerator magnets are artfully arranged.
Allison came wearing a necklace that she made for herself from fishing tackle. It was very clever & quite cute.
Jeannie (whose first name is actually Lucy), showed this quilt she made for herself. She is left handed BTW.
This quilt she made for her studio. It was rich with textures, colors & fun embellishments. There are a row of thimbles hanging like bells along the bottom.
Great Details.

Suzanne has been making Journal quilts. Taxes must have been for April.
This was Wind.
Earl Grey is her favorite guy.
& this simple piece was beautiful. She used her hand dyed fabric, & free-motioned icy trees on it.
Allison had another Native of the Future show in which she made futuristic costumes for the fashion show. This was quite cute, though once we got Pat into it, we weren't sure we were going to get her out. It was pretty funny, & she said it was quite warm.
Polly bought this scarf from a fiber artist in Washington. It's made from silk roving's & a few other decorative fibers drizzled on top the stitched over wash-away stabilizer.
Allison tried it on for me.
Here is one of many purses that Polly made. She sells them downtown Anchorage at Artique. They are black Pendleton wool, & vintage Kimono fabrics & buttons.
Julie owns my favorite local book store, Titlewave. She made this piece from silks bought on a trip to Asia (I forget which country she said, sorry) with a friend. Now here friend is getting married & she made this quilt for her.
This cute little quilt was part of a group project that Julie did too.
This beautiful bush was along Pat's driveway. The white roses were fruity in their fragrance. It was amazing.

Wednesdays at Pat's are always a good time.


Micki said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. Fabulous art pieces. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara C said...

What a creative and fun group! It looks like you really encourage each other's creativity.

Gaia Quilter said...

What a talented group! All the pieces were wonderful. If I only lived a little closer. OK, maybe a lot closer.

Nanc said...

Sorry I missed Wednesday at Pat's. Looks like it was a fun evening, as usual!

Linda Fleming said...

Wow- what a collection of eye candy. You fabric artists are a talented group!

Smiles! Becca said...

How inspiring.Awesome work.Thank you for sharing.

Shirley Goodwin said...

That sure looked like a fun time!

Elaine Adair said...

My, My, My... a plethora (love to use that word) of eye candy, fabrics, friends, ideas, colors! Thanks!!