Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh Baby! It's a Mix

My youngest GD Carys, will be 1 on the 19th of this month. She just took her first steps. I haven't seen her since she was only a couple of weeks old. They live in Kwajalein. Gosh I miss them. At home, since we put down the new well, we've been having some challenges related to the water. This picture shows the water pressure in my kitchen faucet. It's takes about 5 minutes to fill a cup! Everywhere else in the house it's fine. We've taken it all apart & can't find the blockage. We also had a mishap on Sunday evening, when Warren opened the back door, we had a big gust of wind (very high winds that evening), that blew out the pilot light on our hot water heater. He couldn't get it to light again. So Monday I had to wash up in COLD water before going in to work.
Warren tried several more times to light it. He also called 2 different plumbers trying to get them to come up & address both this & the faucet issue. No one can come. Finally I went in there today, before getting dressed, determined to make the darned thing light (after talking to my good friend Judy, the farm raised girl, who told me she's held the button down for 10-15 minutes to get her pilot lights lit). I followed Judy's suggestion, holding for 10 full minutes (it reminded me of holding pressure on an artery after removing the Arterial line). It worked! I got it lit, & had a nice HOT shower this morning! Yippieee! Boy when you have to do with out you realize how spoiled you are!
I finally found my pile of small summer quilts, & got them hung up on the walls. I had them buried under a pile of batting in my studio. I thought it was just batting! I'm glad I finally got to the bottom of that mystery! Ha! I know, bad pun, but I love bad puns.
Above is "Russian River Red"
My Fireweed above is one of my all time favorites.
& this little journal quilt looks great on the wall, with the shiny glass tile at the center, & the little mirrors in the corner add so much light & movement to the piece. It's a fun spot on the wall!
I finished this group quilt on Lily today. I have found since Lily takes up so much space in my studio, it's hard to take a good picture of my quilts. I ended up taking it out on the deck & laying it on my swing.

It was a complete joy to quilt on. I really had fun with each different block.

This star below may be my favorite.

The back is pretty too.

Some of my quilting is easier to see from the back.
This evening we went out to The Bear Tooth Grill, to eat. It'll be our last date for a couple of weeks, because Warren goes back to work, & before he's off, I have surgery, a week from today. I'm having a Uni-compartmental replacement of my left knee. That means half of my knee will be metal.
I have to stay in the hospital 3 or 4 days minimum. Bleh! When you work there, you don't want to sleep there!
Warren had his usual spinach enchiladas, & I had my favorite Portobello & goat cheese sandwich. Very yummy.
I got this fun little box of "Artzy-fartzy" stuff in the mail yesterday. Xpanadaprint, silk cocoons, & Grilon thread. I can't wait to start playing with it.
Sunday evening we had the Meyn family over, & I hit upon a brainstorm to help me fit Hope's Irish dance dress. I had measured her earlier, & made a muslin top that ended up not fitting right at all, so I split the muslin up the front, & Duct-taped her up, front & back, then cut it off, & cut it apart, & used that for my pattern. It worked, now I have a muslin that fits, to work from.
Hope just got back from Nationals in Nashville, where they placed (much to their surprise & delight), 2ND place! They were THRILLED!


Steph said...

Oh the joy of the pilot light going out. I remember those days fondly, not really. A big shock when it goes out at night and your the first one to take a shower in the morning though. Glad mom was able to give some good advice.

Melodie said...

Hi Bee! Great post! We had an arch over the entrance/exit of our back deck which I used to hang large quilts from to photograph. Just a thought.
Congrats to Hope! They look so cute.
Love the stonework!

Anonymous said...

What a juicy post! I love it when people take pictures of their food. I must be wierd.

Good thing it wasn't winter when the pilot light went out.

Can't wait to see what you turn out with the box of artzy-fartzy.

Gaia Quilter said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful, I'm sure you miss her.
I don't remember ever seeing your journal quilt, I love the "sunshine"!
I didn't recognize you at first in the picture, cute haircut.

Ali Honey said...

Cute wee baby!

Your meals both looked very appetising, lots of yummy veges there too I see.

Good luck with the knee operation, I hope it means less pain for you when it's healed.

I empathise with you over the water problems. Folk who live in the country or have their own supply, have to be handy and on top of the maintenance all the time!

mindy said...

Can't believe your GD is a year old already...really...can't be.
She's so cute.
Remind me what you do with those coccoons?

BLP said...

Hey Mom your blog came up in my google alerts today because you mentioned "Kwajalein", so I got an email at work about it.

Haha! That photo cracks me up. She had such chubby cheeks then, she's stretched out quite a bit. Getting really tall and skinny(for a baby) now. She has a lot more hair now too.

Linda Fleming said...

Your grand daughter is so adorable! I can just imagine how much you miss her.

Congrats on getting the pilot lit- bet your hubby thiought you were the heroine of the day!

Your quilt work is always so gorgeous, truly works of art.

Good luck with your knee surgery. I had a hip replaced 8 years ago. Aren't we fortunate to live in a time when artifical joints are an alternative to living in pain and crippled? Thank goodness for modern medicine!