Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girl Power!

I went to my Calendar Girls meeting today at Margaret Gingerich's house today. She has a really beautiful home.
We started out with a tour of her new studio space. It was very compact, but well thought out.
I was particularly interested in her drying rack here, for hand painted & dyed fabrics. She has pull out screens. A very neat idea.
The day of course included lots of chatter & a little hand work, & then of course there was food.
Mary Gerkin showed us her Tree quilt, I think it was "June",
& Rena Brinker brought her "May". Next month were supposed to have them all together for photos, & we hope to make real calendars out of them.
I stopped on Goldenview on my way home to snap a picture of these dark purple Lupin. They seemed darker than usual to me. I've noticed a patch down on Dearmon that are really dark too. The picture , I think actually washed them out a bit.
This bright orange beauty was just below them.
By the time I got home, I was exhausted & ready for a nap, but plugged along, & vacuumed up the dust bunnies & extra cats that Broccoli has shed lately, then made an early dinner, because Warren had to go back to work tonight. Poor dear.
I did catch a little cat nap after dinner, then after Warren left I got ambitious again, & decided I would just take a peek under the kitchen sink, & see if I could figure out where it might be blocked. Ali Honey's comment from the earlier post this week, keep haunting the back of my mind. She said,"I empathise with you over the water problems. Folk who live in the country or have their own supply, have to be handy and on top of the maintenance all the time!"
I decided I am after all an Alaskan. I feel much like a pioneer, who moved here many years ago with nothing but my family & some hopes & dreams. I've learned how to build houses, & quilt, & maybe I should try a little basic plumbing. How hard can it be?
I laid down under the sink. Managed to reach my arms far enough to unscrew the hose that I KNEW had to be the problem, & look what I found!
This is why we had no water pressure.
Tah-dahhh!!!! Look what I did!


mindy said...

way to go Dynamo Deb!!!! Remind me to tell you about Hope and I changing the front door knob...its a hoot!
So was that a hatpin that was blocking the waterflow?
Cool tree quilts....let me know when we can order the calendar.
Think I'll do some lupin and fireweed in fused glass...they're so pretty.

Melodie said...

Way to go Willie!! (Mom used to say that when I solved a problem or did something she was impressed with. "Willie can do anything!!" Must've been before our time.)
We're battling head lice this week.......any suggestions?

Ali Honey said...

Well Done Deb. Girls can do anything! ( I'm glad I inspired you to poke around. lol )

Jules said...

My parents are in Alaska this week, and next week. Seeing your pictures made me want to be there with them all the more.

Barbara C said...

Way to go! Good for you for fixing that plumbing problem. It must be a good feeling to cross that one off your list.

jackie said...

Well done! Its a pity its such a long way to Alaska, should I need a plumber.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Clever girl! Not just good at quilting!

Anonymous said...

Good girl. High five! Low five! I get a huge sense of accomplishment when I can fix something. You just take it apart, paying attention to how it goes back together, and wahla, FIXED. You ARE a pioneer!

PS My cordless drill is broken.