Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Kitchen Cabinet Delevered

Lately I've been acting a lot like my cat. I read somewhere that cats sleep an average of 20 hours per day. We went to my Dr appointment on Tuesday, & had dinner at Pizza Plaza, our favorite Italian restaurant in Anchorage. When we got home, I laid down & slept for hours. Then went to bed that night & slept some more.
I'm not taking much pain medicine. About 1/2 a pill 4 times a day now. The knee is aching still, but doing good.
Yesterday morning Lowes delivered the kitchen cabinet. Warren got up early & moved the one we had over under the window, & stacked stuff on the table.
I spent the entire day, working for 5 minutes in the kitchen, then laying down with my leg elevated for 55.
By the end of the day, things were at least organized, though still nothing is finished or installed. The cabinets under the window in the photo above will eventually get granite counter tops.
Some day My range hood will get built in & connected up, & my antique gas stove will be placed there in front of the stone wall.
Below is the cabinet that Lowes gave us for all our troubles. The upper cabinets will be hung about 18inches higher, & there will be bead board, & pegs under them. Warren is still changing the hardware. But this is how things look in our little country cabin kitchen right now.


The Calico Cat said...

At least Broccoli taught you how to relax!

Gaia Quilter said...

Your kitchen is looking so nice. I can't wait to see your antique stove, tell Warren to get going. What happened to your chicken coop?I'm glad your doing so well. Thank you for working on my blog, it's looking better.
Speaking of a native healing for John, a few years ago they did have a "sweat" for him, it was led by a our friend who is a Native America women, she is a medicine women and a pipe carrier (which is rare in our area for a women). It was very powerful but I don't it would be good for his heart anymore.

Sheri said...

Love your kitchen

Melodie said...

The kitchen sure is allot bigger! Where did you hang all the things that were hanging in that room??
It's gorgeous! Just my taste!

Granny Fran said...

Now that is my kind of kitchen, I love how homey and warm it is. The antique stove will really set it off.
I've been out of the loop long enough that I wasn't aware of your knee replacement. Hope you are doing well and will no longer have that horrendous pain. Daughter Kat just had to have a couple of tears in her knee repaired and being in the leg brace made it difficult to do much except recline, read and fret.

Sue said...

Just keep acting like the cat & you'll do great! Glad to hear that you're doing well. The new cabinet is awesome!

Rian said...

The kitchen looks great! What is that structure outside the kitchen window?

Helen Suzanne said...

the cabinet look great in situ Debs. I'm glad you're sleeping so much... sounds like you're doing it just right :D
all the best
Helen S

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a beautiful kitchen you have. You take care.