Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Termination Dust in my Studio

We haven't got any Termination Dust on the mountains yet, but it's happening in my studio. I worked all day yesterday making just a few more snowflakes for the Irish Dance Dress.
This 1st one is butterflies.
Next it's bears.
This next one is stretching cats.
The dress is still in pieces, but starting to come together.
I haven't sewn the snowflakes on to the sleeves yet, that's why the ones on the right have irregular edges.
Warren is still on vacation this week, & the weather has been nice, so he continues to work on the quilty deck. All the blocks are finished, & today he worked on the borders. When it's done I'll post another picture.


mindy said...

***falls off chair in shock!****

Its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
I'm forwarding a link to this page on to Christi.


Sue B said...

My gosh Deb, those snowflakes are fantastic!

The Calico Cat said...

neat, thanks for the update on the dress... It took me awhile to "see" the bears - I was looking at the butterfly block... Love the kitties. :o)

jenclair said...

This is going to be so amazing! The snowflakes are wonderful, Deb!

Sarah said...

Wow! This is really beautiful!

Rian said...

I'm speechless. Amazing.

You are a rock star.

Gaia Quilter said...

That is so wonderful, she could wear it to a Christmas dance. If you retire from nursing you have a new ocupation, although I don't know if you could get paid enough for all your time into the dress.

Micki said...

The snowflakes are beautiful. The dress will be gorgeous when finished.

Jane Ann said...

You should have made very deep seams in that dress so this child can get married in it. It is exquisite and I'm speechless.