Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making Some Progress

We've had 3 beautiful sunny days in a row. Most of our summer has been wet this year. Not the usual nice summers we've come accoustomed to. Yesterday I had Darian stamp some butterfly images on green squares of fabric that she used in the little quilt she's making for her new cousin
Meanwhile my DH, Warren made some progress on the deck.
Darian finished piecing & quilting the quilt for Carys.
We'll save it for show & tell at guild next week, then we'll mail it out. It really isn't as wonky as this picture makes it look.
This wicker bust above, I bought at an antique shop in Frederick, MD when I was there with Patty. I thought it would be fun for display in my studio & to use at our quilt show.
I also got this bead collar for next to nothing. The beads alone were worth the price.
This is the purse that I made for my DD Michelle, for her birthday. The background fabric was a piece my friend Kathy made in our Ann Johnston class at the last Alaska Fiber Festival. Kathy had just used it to mop up left over dye off the table, & wanted to toss it out, but I saved it from the trash, & look how pretty it looks now! I made a yarn weighted with beads, to wrap around the button as the fastener (idea came from Sue B's padfolios, thanks again Sue).
I had read that fruit, especially cherries is very Vogue for purses right now, & Michelle is a very hip & trendy girl.

I did have to make it reversible though, so here is the other side, made with microfiber suede material. The button is a vintage one that Michelle had given me a long while ago. The little purse in front is a little wallet/change purse that I made to go along with it.


Melodie said...

How did Kathy get such a cool mop-up rag?! Mine are always shades of gray!

Kathy said...

You always use my trash, unbelievably great!
Darrian's little quilt is wonderful, her cousin will love it.

Rian said...

So when are you writing the "Purses" book? I think you should.

Darian looks so proud, as well she should. That's a great quilt! And the picture of her at the sewing machine is priceless.

I have been wondering about that log cabin deck, if it was finished yet.

MJAPA said...

I KNEW I had seen that button before. I was going to ask you if it was one that I gave you or if it was from something. How funny! Looks like my girl is having a great time! Hooray! Love you!

Granny Fran said...

What a wonderful purse! Good for Darian, and good for you for teaching her.

Jane Ann said...

I'm envious of that happy granddaughter who is so interested in sewing. You two are a prolific and creative duo! Look at all that work you're turning out (even Warren).

Nikki said...

I love the look on Darian's face as she is showing off her quilt. Such pride and joy!!!