Friday, August 10, 2007

I love to go a-wandering...

This just came from Rian, & I'm supposed to pass it on to 7 other people. Thanks Rian.
There are a lot of nice folks out there in blog-land. I have to say family first though, that means my DD Michelle, who is kind to everybody, & always the champion for the underdog, from the time she was a tiny little girl. My big sister Em, one of the funniest & most corageous women I know. My sweet niece Leilani, who always remembers birthdays, when I can barely remember my own. My sweet son Brandon, who has always been very good to his mother. My dearest friend Kathy J who has inspired me since the day I met her.
That's my list of personal close family, now for other bloggers, there really are way more than 7really nice ones that I know of, & most of those I would mention have already been mentioned eslewhere. There's Allie, Ali Honey, Amy, DebG , Debra, Caricol Suze (who helped me more than I could say when I 1st started blogging),Helen Suzanne, Out of the Basement Kay, Kim, & Bayou Jen, Emmy, & Fairy Di, Granny Fran, Vicki W, CarlaB, Janeann,Barbara, Jules, Karoda, Sue B, Jackie,Diva Laura & & her sweet little daughter),Mags, Francios, Carol, Pat,Terry, Shirley,Shelina, Sandy, Roxanne.& of course Rian. I know this sounds like an episode of Romper Room, but I can't stand leaving anyone out & I'm sure I have!
I was another beautiful day today, so Darian & I went for a walk. We took the path up behind our house that winds through a part of the Chugach State Park, though a wooded valley where we felt completely in the wilderness. It was warm & only mildly buggy. I did remember to bring a little bug dope, which helped too.
Signs of summer coming to an end are everywhere. Berries are ripening. These watermelon berries were all over the place, ripe & juicy. Nice to eat on a warm day.

These Bane berries are pretty to look at, but don't eat them! Very BAD!

Some of the leaves are starting to turn red.
The wet summer we've had, has encouraged a prolific growth of Fungi.

I love the colors & shapes & textures of the fungi.
This shelf fungus was a beautiful bright orange-yellow.

The red mushrooms are always pretty. I had Darian put her hand here to show how big they get.

I liked how these spiraled together.
The path took us to a nice bridge over the creek.

I think it's the south fork of Rabbit Creek.

This neat willow fence was along the path heading back out to the road.

We saw these pretty begonias along the road.

After about 3 miles of hiking in the woods, we finally made it out on to Dearmon Rd. I had the cell phone, so we called Warren & he came & picked us up & took us to the store for iced coffee drinks. Ahhh, it was nice.

Yesterday I went to Calendar Girls.

We had our usual fun time. Mary Gerkin's house is gorgeous.

The Greek food she made for lunch was excellent.

& the veiw from her deck was spectacular.


Granny Fran said...

I would love to be able to ramble through those woods with you and see the fantastic fungi in real life. My previous husband was a plant ecologist and had studied with some fungi expert in Jackson Hole and knew which were good to eat and which were definitely not. They are such wonderful shapes and colors and smell so rich.

Sue B said...

Well thanks Deb, I think you're nice too:)

What a wonderful place to walk, you do live in a gorgeous part of the planet.

Vicki W said...

What wonderful photos! I'd love to take a walk in your woods - not in the winter though...

Melodie said...

Wish I was there! I miss you. Darian is such a cutie.......another heart breaker! Hi kiddo!!
Jenny would sure like to be a pen pal with her (or computer geek). She loves those Anime (?) things too! Backward books.......ummm, ya got me but Jenny loves it!

roxanestoner said...

Oh Deb, I feel like I have gone for a walk along with you and Darian on that trail. What a fun moment to share. I was just telling my friends yesterday that I have about 20 species of mushrooms in my yeard this year... all that rain and moss is good ground for the fugi. I wish I could identify them. Can't wait for your next adventure.

Emmy said...

thank you for the wonderful pictures and I love you to I love yous pictures

Rian said...

I wish I was there! How beautiful your world is. Sigh. I guess you can already feel the long summer days getting shorter.

Lei Lei said...

I miss you and Alaska!

Debra Spincic said...

Wonderful woods! Even I would consider a walk in those woods!

MJAPA said...

This makes me wish that I was there too! It is good to see my kiddo in nature, she is such the city girl, I worry she will forget what nature looks like! :-)
Loves and misses..

Gaia Quilter said...

The red mushrooms look like your walking through an enchanted forest and there should be fairy's sitting on them. I read the dark colored mushrooms make a wonderful dye.

Dianne said...

What a wonderful walk!! I agree with Gaia, it does look like an Enchanted Forest.
(Thanks for mentioning my name - I'm honoured!!!)

Kay said...

Thanks for including me on your list, Deb. As I told Rian, nice makes nice. Beautiful photos of berries and fungi (I wouldn't have thought of them as being so beautiful), and just nature in general. Thanks.

jenclair said...

Those mushrooms are magical! How absolutely beautiful and colorful they are. Thanks for sharing your lovely walk!