Sunday, August 05, 2007

Grand daughters, cats, & family & a bit of fiber

Broccoli has come to understand that when the suitcases come out of the closet & begin to get packed, that he will be left home alone for a while (with visits from Mindy of course). Well this time, Warren stayed home with him. Warren said he was a bit psycho while I was away, but seems fine now.
Above is a card I made for my son & DDIL, to congratulate them on the birth of thier 1st baby.
I went to Frederick, Maryland to visit them, at Laura's (my DIL) parents house, Cliff & Patty Cool. I made this dragonfly card as a thank you note for them.
This card was for my DD Michelle's birthday, which was yesterday. We did a quick birthday gift exchange at the airport in Seattle, when I picked up my DGD#1, Darian, to bring her home with me for a visit. I also made a purse for Michelle, but I'll save it for my next post.

Yesterday Darian & I played in my studio for a while. I showed her how to neddle felt, & she made some cat toys with wool.
I made this Dragonfly ATC for an exchange with another Michelle. It's a layer of my cotton hand dyed fabric under some of my hand painted silk organza, with free motion quilting on top.
Here is what I did the whole time I was in Maryland. Holding the baby. Carys is a very sweet natured baby. Seldom fussy.
Brandon is a natural at fatherhood.

Laura is a really good mom too.
Here is a 4 generation picture of Patty, her mom Jean, & Laura, with Carys.
Great grandma Jean loved holding the baby.

Patty took me to downtown Frederick, one day. I was facinated by this bridge area. The stone is actually flat cement painted by a local artist.

I found this painting interesting. Looking straight on, it looked stretched...
but from the side the picture came into perspective.
I loved all the paintings among the "stones"

Doesn't this look like a real statue? It was flat cement too.
It was hot while I was there. I felt like I was melting at times. This Alaska girl is no longer used to >90 degree temps with high humidity. I did enjoy seeing the deer visit the Cool's backyard every day though. They had an apple tree & a peach tree that the deer like to feast on.

Since I started with a cat picture, I thought I'd finish with this. A pair of slipper socks from My Michelle. Aren't they a hoot?


Melodie said...

Hi Bee! Sure took you long enough to post! I was home from the hospital and checked up on you before you posted!!
Dr. Z wanted to send me home yesterday (I did such a fabulous job of recovering. ) And I am such a low maintenance patient, the nurses didn't want to see me leave! I did really well after I asked them to take me off the auto morphine! I can't imagine why anyone would take that stuff on purpose! I didn't like that feeling at all~!
Linda Mayo picked me up in my truck and is staying with me for a few weeks (weekends off). I'm settling in.
I love you & will talk to you soon!
That baby is a doll.....she looks relaxed!

Vicki W said...

what a wonderful time you had! I can't get over the bridge photos. Amazing!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh boy a long wonderful post! Darling baby, great family photos, LOVE the stones (very interesting!) but the socks are my favorite! What fun!

Allison Ann Aller said...

I wondered where you were, Deb.
This is a lovely post with all the family love, the new child, zzzzzzzzzzzz9so sweet with the new parents!) and the civic art too!
Good to have you back.....

Emmy said...

the pictures are wonderful thanks for sharing

Dianne said...

Welcome back!! All of your cards are great - especially the dragonfly ones. And litle Carys is adorable!!

Rian said...

Darling baby pictures, but for some reason, that closeup of the baby's hand really struck me.

Your quards are beautiful. All of 'em.

I love trompe l'oeil.

StegArt said...

What a beautiful grandbaby! Congrats. Love those dragonfly pieces you did. And those socks, oh my...

Granny Fran said...

Adorable baby and family,lovely quards, and I would love to have the services of that painter!

diva of quilts said...

Lovely cards, as always. They make me want to get out my fiber toys and play. Congratulations on the grandbaby, she's adorable. I like the painted stones, they remind me of Disneyland.

Carol said...

Your postcards are just gorgeous. I love them all.

It sounds as though you have a wonderful time. The baby is adorable.

I just love those socks.

Good to see you back.

jenclair said...

Oh, babies are such tiny miracles! Wonderful pictures...they make me want to touch. I can't wait until my newest one arrives in December, and I can touch to my heart's content because there is nothing in the world like a new baby.

Kay said...

Fascinating photos--beautiful baby, interesting bridge, and adorable cat in the first picture. You obviously had a wonderful trip.

Waltraud said...

I think you have a wonderful time, and what a lovely bay, congratulations!

Scrapmaker said...

Both your grandchildren are beautiful. Looks like you will have a great time together. Lovely cards and lovely photos of your trip. Thanks for sharing with us. Jen