Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mixed Bag

Monday is garbage day here. We have to get up early & put the trash out, because if we put it out the night before bears will get into it. If bears get into your trash here it's a $300.00 fine. So at 6:25a.m. I got up & slipped on a pair of Crocs to go to the car to drive the trash to the end of the driveway. It had been raining most of the night, & the path to the car is uneven, hard-packed clay. It was very slick, & even though I was being careful, I slipped, & my arms flew out to my sides to keep my balance. I didn't fall, but pulled the healing shoulder. By the time I got to my PT appointment at 9 o'clock my shoulder was very stiff, & my ROM measurements way down. Ginny my fabulous PT worked on my shoulder the full 1/2 hour, & loosened it up considerably, so it feels better, but it's been a slight setback.
For the fiber portion of this blog, here is a pile of freshly laundered fabric, given to my by my friend Jackie. She decided she needed to clean out some fabric, & brought a bunch to the Calendar Girls meeting in July. I waited until everyone else had taken what they wanted, then took what was left. It's all solids, & i figure I can paint, stamp, over-dye, & discharge on them, & have a blast.
First I had to tame them though, so I washed & ironed them (using my good arm of course). I love a freshly pressed & folded stack of fabric.
Above are some photos that I took, & printed & will play with with these old glass lenses from some of auntie Ethel's old glasses. They are laeft to right, my grand daughters, Carys's hand, Darian at age 4, asleep, & Carys in my arms yawning. I will embellish with papers & panits & beads & attach them to my Crazy Clock project that I've been working on for a couple of years now.
Mindy & John & the girls came over on Sunday for dinner. I measured Christy for length on the Irish Dance dress skirt, & we talked about the hem. She wanted a scalloped hem. After thinking about it, I decided it had to be the same shape as the cape (on the right in the picture), so the front skirt panel (on the left) is how I'm shaping the hem. I'm going to get this dress done before Sept. 8th because I'm going to hang it in the clothing portion og our quilt show.
Darian has a new project in the works too.
Honey Bunny. I'm not sure how I ended up with this pattern, but she likes it, so she's making it.

This last picture is an ATC from Michelle. It is really beautiful. She stamped the eye & clock image on to heavy card, & layered beads & embossing powder until it was thick & glossy. It has a lot of depth & shimmer that can't be captured well in a photo. I love it! Thanks Michelle!


Rian said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear you set back your healing time. Hope it wasn't too big a bogey.

Michelle said...

Hi, Deb - I'm so glad that you got and like the ATC. I'm going to take a picutre of the one you sent me and post it. I am so in awe of your machine quilting - you rock! I wish that I was able to quilt like that.

So sorry about your fall - hope you'll bouce back quickly!

Anytime you're up for another ATC swap - I'd love to!!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

The pictures behind the lenses idea is utterly cool, Deb! You think of the most interesting things to do in your studio...
Dang shoulder! Take it easy....

Lei Lei said...

You're too nice Aunt Bee-you should of dove right into that pile of fabric and grabbed the once you really wanted!! Are you not back to work yet? Or are you off again because of the shoulder? Love you!

Denim Doll said...

Cool Idea with the eye glass lenses. PP