Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Next Big Quilt!

Well, here it is. The next BIG quilt! Exciting isn't it? HA!

It took me a couple of hours & much rearranging just to get the paper up on the wall. Now I have to start drawing it out. I have it drawn on a regular sheet of paper, & will start by projecting just the center of the drawing on to the paper, bu I think I'll freehand the rest, once I get the center finished, just because I think it'll be easier that way. I wish I had a real classroom overhead projector for this part, it would be simple with one of those. Oh well, you can't have everything! It will probably take me a year or 2 to get this one done. I have a couple of other projects that I need to get finished first, including my dear Michelle's wedding quilt! Since she was married , what it is now? 2 1/2 years ago? Then there's the baby quilt, for the baby who will be 2 soon! Boy am I behind!Sigh........

Better get back to work. Speaking of work, I have to go back on Tuesday ..bummer.


Melodie said...

Who's having a baby?

smarcoux said...

Hi Deb

Just wanted you to know I havent forgotten about the swap. Sorry about that. Life has been busy here but will try to get it sent out to you this week.
And a special suprise for you as well for being so patient.


debraspincic said...

I love seeing quilts form from the bare bones. Please keep us in the loop on this one!

Granny Fran said...

Oh Deb, you just made my day. I'm not the only one who still hasn't finished the baby quilt for a grandson who will soon be 2 years old.

It will be very informative to see how you put this next quilt together.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so far so good! I'm visualizing this already LOL!

I'm also glad I'm not the only procrastinator in the bunch. Hey, we got invited to the Great American Sled Dog Races again in Fairbanks in March. I think we'll pass in favor of 2008.