Thursday, October 05, 2006

A few more Homer Pictures

Your kind words on my odd paintings are greatly appreciated, but really I'm NOT a painter. It looks so kindergarten to me when I paint on paper.

I thought I'd post a few more pictures from our trip to Homer. This 1st is the Kenai River, & yes it is a beautiful turquoise color. It's not hard to take pretty pictures when you live in a place a beautiful as Alaska.

This next one is the rest stop by the Hope turnoff, without me & the DH obstructing the great view.

We stayed in the Old Town B&B just upstairs from the Bunnell Street Gallery where the workshop was held. The building is one of the early historic buildings, & I wanted to show how the stairs lean to the right as you go down them. If you were to have a little too much of the local brew you may feel a bit tipsy! I squared the camera on the door, & the stairs really do lean like it looks!

Warren got a lot of reading done, as there was no TV in the B&B. Plenty of books to peruse though. It was a very quiet weekend.

I loved this rock on the beach. Isn't it pretty?

These last 2 shots were the end of the workshop as we were taking things down. I would encourage any of you who are serious about your art, even if it has nothing to do with painting, to sign up for a Process Arts workshop if you ever get the opportunity. Or at least read the book. It really had an effect that I think will resonate for the rest of my life, & if I can ever repeat the class I will.


Rian said...

I am going to look in to this process workshop thing. I'm happy for you for this life-altering workshop and can't wait to see how it influences your fiber work. The pictures of Kenai are beyond belief. What a beautiful place.

emmyschoonbeek said...

What a beautiful place and so peaceful

MJAPA said...

I didn't realize how large the paintings were. The last photo really gives it more perspective.

And yeah, I thought it remided me a little of Miss D. :-)