Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is it the Sunspots?

Here's my DGD Darian, with her Papa-Jon. She turned 12 yesterday! Wow! Where did the time go? Happy birthday Darian. Sorry I didn't get it on here yesterday.

The image is a picture taken from C St. near downtown Anchorage. It's a bridge along the bike path (we have over 1000 miles of paths in & around Anchorage), over Campbell Creek.

My reference to the sunspots is because it seems like everything is just a little bit off lately. The fancy dishwasher still isn't working. We are now waiting for parts.
The Sattelite TV comes & goes, but for the most part seems to be working today.
The DSL for my computer has been very iffy the past few days. The little blogging I've managed to do, was done in such a hurry, trying to get it done before the connection is broken again. Probably related to the issues with our phone line. We have terrible static noises, that apparently can't be fixed until we finish the outside wall where the wire is running, & that won't be done until next summer.
Now my nice, Rowenta Steam Generator iron is dying. I rely heavily on it. I really miss it when I can't use it. It makes all the difference in the world when ironing. Even my children all commented on how they wanted it when they were here visiting & used it, so I gave them each one for Christmas a few years ago. So once again I will pack it up & ship it off, & pray it doesn't take much to repair, because I'll miss it when it's gone. I shoudn't lament though, at least I have a back up iron, & things could be a lot worse! At least I have a home!


debraspincic said...

Looks like your granddaughter favors you a lot! Cute Kiddo!

Anonymous said...

I looked up sunspots and also solar flares. Nothing there, but it seems there is a solar wind coming in now. I don't know if this is what is causing your electrical appliances to go whacky, but be on the lookout for auroras this weekend.

sue b said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in Deb. That's a great photo. Bummer about the iron. I'd find it hard to work without my Rowenta steam generator iron too. The standard dept store irons just can't compare.

Ali Honey said...

Love the little bridge and stream. Does that freeze over in the Winter?

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is so cute! It is amazing how fast the time goes when you look at the changes in children.

Love the picture of the bridge and can only imagine the beauty of all of your bike paths.

Hope you got my email. Some things are not working too well for me either. I've had quite a bit of trouble with email lately.

Lei Lei said...

I didn't realize Darian was so old! She sure looks like cousin Michelle, gorgeous cheekbones!

Marcy said...

yes that i am sure that darian looks very strong like her mom that my cousin michelle like look her because my cousin michelle look like whens she was little that all of family still remmy that her face !!! wow darian is look like full of her face same of her!!!! WOW!!!