Saturday, March 25, 2006

Life & Death moments/ WARNING! THIS IS REALLY SAD

Tonight I worked at the hospital until 2 AM. There was a gunshot wound that came into the ER & was rushed to the OR. I work Recovery Room, but the OR nurse asked me to wait to see if I would be needed. I went into the OR to help run errands. The guy was still being worked on when they finally let me leave. His insides were laying outside while 2 great surgeons dug around in his gut trying to figure out where he was still bleeding from. At the same time, both Docs were getting calls from both ICU's in town, with nurses worried about patients with low blood pressures, & while they were working on keeping this guy alive, they also had to think about 2 other critical patients & what they could tell the nurses to do to keep them alive. I was the relay person on the phone between the Dr & the other nurse. I was amazed at how these guys were working, minds & hands to each task.

I'm still so wound up I can't think of going to sleep, but my cat is calling me, he says I should be in bed. It's not going to be easy with such life & death images in my head. In the morning if I can function, I will try to do my journal for this month. I haven't had time to even think about it before this. I think I know now what I want to say on this page, one of my favorite sayings..."Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

POST SCRIPT 854 AM. Warren got home from work (he a respiratory therapist in the same hospital) this morning. He said the 17 year-old that was hanging by a thread when I left had died. & it was the 3rd time he had been shot in his short life. Another boy of 17 was killed last night too. He was the son of one of our co-workers, & I had just seen her 1/2 hour before I left work & asked her how her 12 yr/old son was doing. She had smiled & said he was doing great. I had taken care of him on Thursday, because he'd had a surgerical proceedure. Apparently there was a tragic accident, the big brother was at a friend's house & a group of teens were passing around a gun, it went off & hit him in the head, killing him instantly. There was also a large fire in town, 50 people left homeless. & some poor transvestite beaten to brain death. Has the world gone mad? The whole night seems like a nightmare. I've had 3 hours sleep & now all I want to do is cry for these poor families.


MJAPA said...

Oh my god! I think this may be a weekend for staying home. I'm so sorry. I drove up the street it seems it was on my street about 6 blocks up. I woke up right at 7AM so I am thinking that it is the sound of the shots that woke me up since they were so close by. The house was a rave house and the average age that hangs out there is 15 to 25 so I am thinking it is all going to be very young fols when they start to release names. So sad. Try and get some sleep. I love you too, xom

Karoda said...

By now, I hope you have begun to cleanse your spirit by crying yourself into a deep and restful sleep. Peace.

Granny Fran said...

I saw your angel before I read about your awful night. God Bless You. There are times in this old world when it just gets almost too heavy to bear.
Glad you made your guardian angel. That must have been cathartic.

deb said...

Your angel is the most arresting image I have come across in my blog-slogging in quite a while. Given the scope of her work, her expression is perfect.

Allison said...

I agree with Deb. Your angel is from a higher place and brings the Spirit to all of us who are lucky enough to see her.