Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Angelina Fibers

My work schedule is all mixed up this week. I was on call last night & had to work until midnight. Today I ironed fabric & tried to get the rest of my Fiber Fest mess in order, though I'm still not finished. I went to my friend Sue's little shop in her house today, she called me when the postman dropped off a big order of Angelina Fibers. I got first crack at it, & bought 15 colors plus some Bo Nash powder & a little jar of Xpandaprint, an item I'd never heard of before, but it looks like lots of fun. Now I want to go play.

The Quard on the left is one I made as a thank you for our Fiber Fest Board to give to Janie Odgers. We also pitched in & gave her a Poppy lamp made by Mary Hertert.


Sande said...

Happy PlayDay! I haven't tried Angelina fibers yet but they do sound like fun and I've seen some beautiful things done with them.

Michelle said...

I've been wanting to try the Angelina Fibers for a while - after seeing your sample, I want to even more so!