Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mixed Media of a Different Sort

Here's a different sort of "Mixed Media". I've been using quilt ruler, rotary cutter & mat to cut copper sheeting for the wall, & my paint brayer to smooth the edges, along with a staple gun & hammer...

the lower walls in the back entry are now covered in copper. I also weather stripped the door after my dear housekeeper scrubbed it down for me as her last act of the day. I've hired a great gal to come in every other Thursday for just a few hours to clean. I LOVE HER! My bathroom is shining, the house has a lot less dust. She can clean & I can quilt & not feel guilty about all the other stuff I should be doing. It's almost like having a clone!
Next I have to get cement board & screw it to the floor & wall shelves so I can do the tile on them. I'm going to do pebbles. I also am still trying to decide how I want to paint the door. I have a few ideas....
I've painted a little crystal chandelier, just need an electrician to install it now.
I've got Warren working on an old ladder to hand coats on.

Tonight we went to Organic Oasis for dinner , & to listen to our friend Pete play in his band, Full Sail. They are Blue Grass, & put on a good show.


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, a house cleaner is a great idea!

The pebbles will look wonderful but I like the look of the copper especially! Nice work!

Stephanie Briggs said...

wow you have been busy and I like the idea of pebbles. Mom had a LONG day yesterday at work.

Sounds like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Your copper walls are beautiful, only YOU would think of it! Can't wait to see the tile. When your finished with yours I need you at my house.
kathy j.