Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Flying" challenge for 2013 Calendar

The other challenge our Calendar Group does each year is a word or subject for our calendar quilts. This year the word was "Flight".

Pam Harris (who moved away this year) did "Rumors Fly. Very clever girl that Pam!

Mona did these Queen Lady Bugs.
Margaret used some of her photographs of Sandhill Cranes.

Cathy's pigs fly.

Jan 's hot air balloons.

Mary G's Raven Spirit soars into a VanGogh
starry night.

Rena's flightless birds that aren't flightless.
She calls it "Flightless, My Ass".

Betty's hot air balloon doesn't need fuel, because it's loaded with the Calendar Girls, therefore has plenty of hot air.

Carol's gorgeous Dragon Flies, has a lot of BLING!

Mary Lee did a Christmas plane (guess who will be December).

Jackie's "Fly Me to the Moon",

& my "Raven Steals the Sun".
Mary Lee threw this one in for good measure, so we have 13  quilts for our "Flight " challenge.


Delighted Hands said...

Incredible body of work! Lovely .

Anonymous said...

They are all great and very creative.
Flynn the new kitten is being a pill. Judy

Stephanie Briggs said...

wow those are incredible, you all did an amazing job!

Don't let mom fool you, she likes Flynn and thinks he is cute.

Pam Harris said...

Thank You for posting the reveal. Now, I do not feel so left out. Great quilts!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your bee members all do wonderful work, I love my calender, it's right here by my desk at work.

Kathie (Prairie Stitcher) said...

Lovely work! So creative. I'm a new follower and quilt designer. I hope you'll come by and visit and follow me, too. I'm going to keep visiting your're "painting" with fabric. Thanks so much.

Barb Russell said...

So wonderful to see all the Calendar Girl quilts today at Guild meeting. They are always incredible and way more intense up close and personal!! What a treat for the eyes!!