Thursday, August 09, 2012

Another Round On our Robin

With 3 more rounds to go, this is what our "Anything goes" Round Robin is looking like:
Mary Gerkin's is getting quilted as we go (I lead the way with that, & Mary is loving it).
Carol Wight Jones's started with the Raven piece...I love how it's looking. Rena made the leaf border on it, & it's spectacular.

I'm not sure who the center block belongs to yet (maybe Mary Lee?), but Rena did the top & bottom abstract borders to move it more into the modern age (I love it again Rena!), & Jackie put the flowers toward the top.

Mine is the next piece, started with a subtle gel print that I did, Carol added the green gauze & some copper touches, Jan & Betty added borders. The photo has it washed out. I'll have to see if I can get a better shot later.

This next one is in my hands next. It belongs to Jan Wills. Jackie, Rena & Mary G have all played with it.

Here is Mary Lee, holding Jackie's piece. She added the floral border on the right. It's wild & I love it. It's Jackie all over!

The next belongs to Rena Brinker. You may see Rena's home in a movie that should be coming out soon. Nicholas Cage used Rena's house for his home in a movie filmed here in Anchorage last winter. They also used my workplace & part of my department in the film....
Anyhow,...Rena brought this blue fractured circle that Mary L. had gifted her. Jackie placed it on this wild background print. Mary G put the lovely textured trunk under the circle turning it into a fanciful tree.

I added 2 fairies to it.

Carol added dragon flies, both as a subtle stamp in the background & the Angelina sheets on the surface.

Betty's started with a print of a dog. Jan's cat was quite taken with it.
Jackie pieced the bone borders, Mary G turned it into a dog house,...

& I thread-painted the dog.

As I was leaving I revisited Jan's quilt that I quilted. Pretty!


Delighted Hands said...

You guys sure got the worm-of creativity that is! Very nice results!

Pam Harris said...

Thanks for posting the round robins. Fun to see the progression. I really enjoyed your flight challenge. Very striking!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Love, love your fairies!
Great round-robins.