Thursday, September 06, 2012


I had a productive weekend over the Labor Day weekend. I steamed & added a few last touches to "Simply Crazy", a 19"x19" wall quilt for the small quilt auction coming this weekend for my quilt guild. I did my piecing & quilting all at the same time, just like the quilt I made a few years ago for the Alliance for the American quilt auction, that Allie Aller ended up owning, & putting in her beautiful book. This one is similar to that quilt, some of the same fabrics, but ended up a little crazier.

Some progress was made on my back entryway project too. Warren hung the little chandelier.

I made 3 tiny little quilts (about 5x7), to fill a space on the wall. I used some upholstery samples for the fabric, & made some leaves from the very same 36 mil copper that I put on the lower walls.

I found an old board & put some rust colored screws in it to hang keys on. I hate hunting for my keys. We got stopped by the fact that we didn't have long enough finishing nails for the next weekend we hope to get the trim up, around the door.

Warren got some outside painting done on Monday.

Trees are turning color. Last night we had 131 mph winds that blew things around. We were without power for several hours. Thank goodness I had a French Press this morning, so I could at least get some coffee in me! I put my pants on backwards trying to dress by my 1 battery operated candle (that my DD gave me after we nearly set the house on fire at Christmas time). I also found that I had my watch on upside-down when I got to work... doing my hair in the dark was a challenge too.

This poor little guy was a bit shell shocked by the winds on Monday. They were mild compared to what we had last night.

This happened to my planter, before the BIG winds.

We also have termination dust on the mountains tonight.
This weekend coming up I have the ALCQ Quilt show. 10-4 Sat & Sunday.
Come on over! 7th & G st downtown Anchorage, at the Phillips Conoco Atrium.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Deb.
I wish I could snap my fingers and attend the quilt show. I know I would love it.

I was just going to ask you if the "Termination Dust" has arrived yet but you already mention it. LOL Hopefully this coming Winter in Alaska will be milder than the last one.

Oh My Goodness, 131mph winds those are pretty strong winds. Was their a "Tornado"?? or did they call them "Straight Line Winds"?? No fun without electricity. Sad to see your plant pot was broken.

Take care Hugs Judy

Melodie said...

Living in the Last Frontier is such an adventure!!

Lawana said...

Sure miss the first dust on the mountains. Miss Eagle River and everything about Alaska. Just have to live vicariously thru your blog. Having been through a few of these wind storms up there myself I can relate. Hope the rest of the week is less "eventful".

Deb H said...

Thanks ladies. No Judy, I don't think there has ever been a tornado here, just big winds.

Yes Em, I kept thinking about you, & the night the tree fell on the house during this storm.

Lawana, I used to live in ER too. Did we ever meet? I felt the wind storm was kind of fun for us. At least we didn't have a tree fall on the house this time!

Michelle Auer said...

The quilts are very pretty! The bug is a little creepy. I like them in art, but in real life their bodies are a tad too big for me. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Nice to see some creativie delights for your walls-very pretty. Get that work done outside if your weather is changing already=you will have lots of time for inside work ahead!
(I am in Seattle and feel like you are just a shout away-figuratively speaking!lol)

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your crazy quilt is beautiful, who ever would have thought to use a peacock feather in it, only you! I also love the mix of copper and fabric on your new quilt pieces. They look great in your entrance way.
Wish I was there to see the termination dust, your winter is coming fast. Too fast?