Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Winter Day with Guests

Sunday brought brave winter guests, Bryan & Brandon. Bryan is the son of Anita Heady, & the boys are in the military, stationed in Germany right now. They decided they wanted to visit Alaska in the darkest time of year to see what it’s like. We brought them up to the house for dinner on Sunday, & had our friends the Meyn family all up to round out the evening. We ate bacon wrapped dates,  Copper River red salmon, that I fixed outside on the grill. There was also pear salad, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, jalapeƱo cheese rolls, & apple dumplings with vanilla ice-cream for desert.
After dinner we tried out our new Pictionary Man game, & the boys beat the girls. We had a lot of fun. My favorite was Brandon’s rendition of Betsy Ross. Too funny.
wtrzoo 004
The guys stayed the night with us, so in the morning I made a bacon & eggs breakfast, then we were on a mission to find a Polar bear. Brandon had promised his grandmother that he would get a picture of one, so off to the local zoo we went.
wtrzoo 005
Yes it’s open year around, even on snowing 11 degree days.
wtrzoo 006
The hardest part of photographing for me was the snow kept messing with the auto-focus, & the eyepiece was getting snowed on, so I had trouble trying to manual focus..so some of my images are a bit fuzzy, but here are the best of what I got:
wtrzoo 010wtrzoo 014wtrzoo 015wtrzoo 016wtrzoo 021wtrzoo 020
The otter performed both in & out of the water for us.
wtrzoo 009
The Lynx was smart, & watched us from it’s house.
wtrzoo 023
Snow on the fence, made seeing the wolves a bit tricky.
wtrzoo 025wtrzoo 026
Yaks weren’t bothered at all by the snow.
wtrzoo 029
wtrzoo 030
Dahl sheep.
wtrzoo 038
This little orphan bear doesn’t know yet that it is supposed to be in hibernation, so we had a one bear show. It was SOOOoooo Cute!
wtrzoo 044wtrzoo 046wtrzoo 048
There were even a few humans at the zoo!
wtrzoo 039
After the cold zoo we decided to go warm up at a “Topless bar”! See our special dancer in the corner over there?
wtrzoo 053
Actually we went to Midnight Sun, where the men all agreed that they make the best brews in town. I then drove the guys back to their hotel, & we old folks made it home in time to take a nap!
wtrzoo 058
wtrzoo 055
Today Warren is out snow-blowing the driveways, as another 10 inches fell yesterday!


Delighted Hands said...

You made the visit so special-what a great hostess! Love the polar bear pics, especially the one with the crows on the fence behind him!

Fabric Fanatic said...

What warm and loving gestures...you are definitely the hostess with the mostess. The menu was divine! They will never forget their visit with you.

Dar said...

What a warm greeting our soldiers got at your Alaskan home. They certainly will remember this forever. And the food, you rock!
Merry Christmas to all and

Jen said...

Aww...I used to go to the Anchorage Zoo all the time. It's still one if my favorite zoos. I love the white tigers, I could stand there all day watching those beautiful cats. I bet you're happy it's Winter Solstice finally! The days will get linger and lighter from here on out! Merry Christmas!

mindymeyn said...

Ewwww...the topless dancer comment kinda creeped me out...but the rest looks like fun...and of course the dinner was awesome...and you and I both knew it was Betsy Ross right away! So funny! Thanks for including us in the Alaskan dinner.

Rian said...

When I tell people I went to Alaska in the winter they look at me like I lost my marbles, but I still maintain it was one of, if not THE, best trips ever! You have very lucky guests. I hope they know that.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

You guys are the best hosts. I love the picture of the bear and birds, too cute.
I wonder if Warren still loves to snowblow as much as he use to?

Anita said...

Oh, Deb, thank you so much for your hospitality. Bryan and Brandon enjoyed your company and help more that you will ever know. They went over to the University today and hope to be in Alaska as residents as soon as possible. :) From one mom to another, thank you!

Julie Bagamary said...

What a gift you gave! Thanks for caring for our service guys!