Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calendar Girls Party

cg & KJJq 002
Last Thursday our annual Calendar Girls party was at the Bivins’ house as usual, & Dean, Betty’s DH, the extraordinary woodcarver stayed in his garage /studio, away from all us crazy women. I took a few shots of his finished pieces.
cg & KJJq 020
cg & KJJq 007cg & KJJq 003
Jackie Carley, & Carol Wight Jones showed us their latest pieces that will soon be Christmas presents for family members.
cg & KJJq 010cg & KJJq 011
We did our usual Chinese auction, with “white elephant gifts”. It’s always fun to see who ends up with the most junk!
cg & KJJq 012
Some were having trouble rolling doubles, so they used the fabric that I had wrapped my calendar gift in, & wore it each time they rolled the dice, to help improve their luck. It seemed to work!
cg & KJJq 013cg & KJJq 016cg & KJJq 015cg & KJJq 014
Poor Mary P. Lee, didn’t need the “lucky fabric hat”. She couldn’t seem to quit rolling doubles, so ended up with more elephants than the rest of us. It’s always a laugh filled game, & the elephants weren't too bad. I ended up with a handful of fossilized shark teeth & a few small Christmas decorations. I intentionally stayed away from the large packages. My house is too crowded for large elephants!
cg & KJJq 019
Betty served a lovely lunch.
At home I am trying to study for ACLS tomorrow. I have been working on Kathy’s small quilt, & was having stitch-skipping issues with the long curves & feathers in the borders. It was getting very frustrating, until I realized, that if I just 'needle punched’ my design in first, then went back & sewed with the thread, it solved the problem. Then it went much faster!
I’ve had this problem in the past , with tightly woven fabrics, like good Batiks, & fabrics that have the rubbery textured prints on them. They tend to drag on the thread & cause skipped stitches. So what I did was unthread the machine, ‘sew’ the design without thread, then went back & sewed again with thread, & no more skipping! This is the easiest solution I’ve found yet!
cg & KJJq 021
Yesterday I went to my new Doctor. I really liked her. We went over all of my weird symptoms, & she suspects I may be dealing with allergies. She gave me a couple of inhaler samples, & set me up to see an Allergist. Of course & won’t see her until February, but it’s nice to know that I am working toward a solution to my annoying symptoms. The hand pain has been minimal lately, but I haven’t spent much time here on the computer either. She suggested I try hand splints for that, & see if it’s of some help, since I’m not anxious to sign up for nerve conduction studies!
Wish me luck tomorrow for ACLS, & say a prayer for my friends Jan (who just found out she has breast cancer), & Ed ( who was just diagnosed with prostate cancer).
Happy holidays!!


Delighted Hands said...

Looks like a great time for all of you. Hope the new dr works well for you.

Anita said...

Good luck with your ACLS test today and your friends are in my prayers. Such good news about your hands--allergies can be controlled!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

That is awful having to sew the design twice! Your right I do buy the best qualty fabric I can for dying.
I hope you do well on your tests. I know you'll be glad when their finished.

Steph said...

I'm sure you will pass ACLS, I mean if mom can pass PALS with me helping her study you should be able to do ACLS. Keeping your friends in my thoughts

Rian said...

Sorry about Jan & Ed. I hope they win the fight and beat the cancer.

Sorry too to hear your physical weirdities are still hanging around, let's hope the allergy thing pans out and you can get beyond this. Sucks getting old, but I guess it beats the alternative. Maybe we should all wear a lucky fabric hat...