Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rockin’ the House

rock 005  rock 006

The Shirk brothers were back again at 8 a.m.. Jerry boxed in the chimney on the side from the wood stove in Warren’s bar, & the rest of the guys worked on the rocks. They almost got 2 of the three walls outside my studio finished.  They said they’ll be back again at 8 tomorrow.

rock 010 

I worked on Jan’s quilt most of the afternoon, after doing some more vacuuming downstairs. My sister Em asked who our vistors are, it’s Warren’s Microbiology Professor from College, & her husband.

This afternoon my friend Cyndi Campbell brought this quilt to add to my to-do list. Her piecing is always lovely, & her quilts are amazing. I most likely won’t get to this one until later in October, as I have Jan’s, Shirley’s, Kathy’s, Michelle’s, Charlene’s, & now Cyndi’s, plus we’ll have company next week, & be gone for 2 weeks in Sept. Guess I better get back to work!

waves cyndiC



Delighted Hands said...

Wow, fantastic work on the wall-the stone looks wonderful! The backlog of quilts...what great fodder for blog posts ahead...

Melodie said...

That makes you house look like it's been there you made the foundation out of the stones you cleared from the fields!!
I thought that quilt was a piece of lace at first glance!! That is awesome!.

le passe temps said...

This quilt is like a "vazarelli's work"
I made one about 14 years ago, it was a much more simple !!

I remember that it was not so difficult , I had to cut the fabrics whith great care...

could you give the address of a link which could help me to see it? ? ?
Thank you Nicole