Thursday, August 05, 2010

Anchorage Weather

augALCQ 001

This is what it looked like on my street today. That’s straight down hill, shot over the hood of my car. Pea soup at the bottom.

This last shot was a bumper sticker I saw on a car. I’m not particularly political, I just thought is was kind of funny. Hope I’m not offending anyone. I just happen to be a Harry Potter fan.

augALCQ 033


The Calico Cat said...

I am so out of the Harry Potter loop - I had to google to get the reference. :o)

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, the rain has made a mess....I wish we could exchange some weather patterns for a week-we need the rain and I will send you some sunshine!

Dar said...

Keep your feet dry this weekend. We have been getting so much rain. The ground has not dried all summer, and now the forecast says rain all week..grrrr
Love the sign!

Steph said...

Love the bumper sticker!

imquilternity said...

We don't have rain, but our weather is thick, thick fog every morning. Looks "soupy" too!

I love the bumper sticker and I'm a big Harry Potter fan. Re-reading the series for the 2nd time this summer (8th total re-read) in anticipation of the movie in November!