Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Fond Goodbye to 2008

It's New Years Eve here in Alaska. Only a few hours left of 2008. I've spent the majority of my day trying to build a more user friendly web page for ALCQ. I've had only minor success. I was able to add a calendar to the blog, & that made me happy.
I should probably reflect on this past year. Overall, I would say it was pretty good. I got to travel to Michigan twice in 2008. Spent my sister Em's 60th birthday with her in February. Spent more time with my brother & new sister-in-law Linda. I got to know & love her even better.
In September I was able to spend more time with both of my sisters & my Dad, in between teaching classes. That was a lot of fun. October I traveled to Salem to spend time with my dear friend Ilene after her heart surgery. I actually lived with Ilene & her husband Stu for a brief time, before I married my DH. They are like family.
I managed to lose some weight before surgery, (new knee), then gain some back during this holiday season! Back to work on that battlefront!
I am thankful for every day, every moment I breathe. For my children, & grand-children. For all my family & friends. For their health, & safety. I am also thankful for all of you out there who reach out & make contact. Who share your thoughts, & ideas, & kind wishes.
I'm heading off to our New Year Party at the Meyn's house. See you all next year!
Have the happiest, healthiest, & safest of New Years!
Live Like it's Heaven on Earth


Marcy said...

AMEN! Happy new year's day 2009! thank you for card that you sent me that beautiful and thank you and miss you ! love you so much aunt deb!
love, Marcy

Delighted Hands said...

Right back at ya; hope you have a great 2009!

Steph said...

Right back at ya! I hope you have a great 2009

Barbara C said...

Happy New Year! Stay nice and warm.

Michelle Auer said...

Happy New Year! Love you!

Ali Honey said...

Lovely thoughts expressed there Deb. Happy 2009

Allison Ann Aller said...

Best Wishes for a fantastic 2009, Deb!