Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby it's cold outside. It's been below zero all day today. I spent the day in the living room with the fire going watching my bread dough rise. Broc laid in the chair nearest the fire & stretched out like a week's wash.
I was complaining to my DH about having to scrape the windows on the car at these low temps, & he suggested I try putting a big towel over the windshield. I tried it yesterday, & it worked like a charm. I turned the window wipers on just as I turned the car off, so they stopped in the up position, then tucked the beach towel under them, & they held it nicely in place. The frost developed on the towel, in the morning I just peeled it off, & gave it a little shake, no scraping! Love it!
Tomorrow night we have a party to go to at Mindy's. I'm the designated driver. Friday is our hospital party, then after that I'm getting back on my Weight Watcher routine. I've gained a few holiday pounds, & I can feel them. I think I'll ask my DH to go on with me. It helps if he's on board too.
Stay warm & Happy New Year!


Delighted Hands said...

Sending you a warm smile! Cool trick about the towel-wish I had known it when in NY! I am going to call my sister and share it with her tho!

Nanc said...

Yea baby.......it's cold! My Warren keeps telling me we're in the banana belt.it's - 6.7* here this morning, and it's always much colder down by the river! Say hello to Mindy and the doc tonight. Happy New Year!

jenclair said...

Well, the fire and bread dough sound like a nice antidote to the cold! Love the beach towel trick, although I'll never need it down here.

Have a lovely New Year's Eve!