Sunday, February 26, 2006

Winter Journal Quilt

Here is my little journal quilt for January. We were experiencing a beautiful Hoar Frost when I made this. I'd had the yarn for years, just saving it for the right project.
The woven background of black & gray have random winter words written on them with gel & Pigma pens. The greenish Aurora running through the borders is actually "Whisper", a transparent cellophane-like fiber that is supposed to be for making big bows for packages & floral arrangements. It looks clear by itself, but became iridescence against the black snowflake background fabric. I made the 2 ravens from polymer clay. I love the ravens up here. They cavort & chortle. I can't help but smile watching them . They're such funny fellows.


MJAPA said...

I like the frosty looking string! I want to dye my hair that color! Wouldn't that be cool? :-)

Deb Geyer said...

I like your journal quilt page, Deb. I wish I could touch it and move it so I could see it sparkle!

Sande said...

Very nice! It's very creative in your use of materials and really gets across the idea of hoar frost.