Friday, February 24, 2006


I Googled to see if Quards was an original word that I made up, or if it was out there somewhere already. Well it was, but not in the context that I intended it to be used. I'm calling the Quilt-Cards that I like to make "Quards". I just finished a series of 10 of them like these for Thank-you notes for our Alaska Fiber Festival. They were a lot of fun to make. The salmon color background is Warm & Natural cotton batting that I hand-dyed. The background fabric was one of my paint clean up cloths (from fabric painting). I played with some Shiva Oil Paint sticks to add a little texture to the cloth, then when heat setting with the iron, I used the "Creative Opportunities" page from the local paper to iron the fabric on. Some of the paint colored the paper, making it quite pretty, so I ripped pieces of the newsprint & glued it to the top, then drizzled on a sliver of pretty colors, & framed it with bits of a black print. Pure creative FUN!

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