Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who's that up on the roof?

Well, we had a lovely metal roof, but the guy who put it up did it all wrong & it's leaked since they put it up. Yesterday Richard came over & with Warren's help they have ripped off the roof & the bad boards & will now be doing it right. I told Richard his new name is Holmes. The yard a bit messy, but once it's done right we can relax without getting dripped on any more! We also had the exterminator in to get rid of the carpenter ants that  were trying to move in!

I got this lovely card from my friend Kathy this past week. It's a sun print of strawberry leaves, & there is a little moon in the upper left corner that has an Angelina halo around it. She is doing a series of moon blocks, & this represents the Strawberry moon.

She also sent this cute book. It may become part of the bathroom library. It's full or short little stories & I love the picture on the cover. I'll read as soon as I've finished the other series I'm reading.


Delighted Hands said...

Nothing worse than a redo of a renov but it will be worth it to have a non-leaking roof! Great to have help.

Rian said...

That's an interesting title of a bathroom book! Sorry we missed you in Anchorage this time.

Stephanie Briggs said...

Ha I just got off the phone with dad asking me when my Richard got off work so he could help him and Warren.

Judy said...

Wow, that's a pain to have to redo your roof, but it will be nice for you to not have any leaks in the future.