Sunday, June 10, 2012

Round Robin Explained & art pins

Tickets for the Double Wedding ring quilt are $1.00 each. If anyone wants tickets send me a check & I'll send the tickets. The drawing will be at our ALCQ show September 10, 2012.
 To answer Kathy's questiion on the previous post, I am re-posting this first round on the Round Robin my Calendar Girls group is doing. We each started with just s piece of fabric, the piece above is the fabric that my friend Mary Gerkin painted, printed & embossed in my Embellishment class. Our only rule is "ANYTHING GOES". We are doing whatever we feel like with each piece in turn. There are 8 of us involved.. Below is what I did with Mary's piece. I actually pieced the pieces on a layer of batting & backing, so the other quilters will probably continue to embellish this until it gets back to Mary. On Jackie's I just did a vertical row. We're letting each piece speak to us, & we'll do whatever we feel  like doing.
These are 3 pins that I made recently. This one went to Vicki Welsh.

This next one went to Kathy Jolman.
& the last one I kept for myself.

& that's the bear facts!
a view from my kitchen window!!


Vicki W said...

I love my pin and it's already on my winter coat ready for November....or December.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful work-love the pins. The bear picture looks like it is just waiting for a caption contest!

Melodie said...

So much for protecting the cat!

Steph said...

Bear Butt! hahahaha that is too cute of a picture Deb!

Melodie said...

I showed Kadee & Kami the bear pict. I asked Kadee if she wanted to go visit Aunt Bee and she said,"No thank you!" (shes so polite)