Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eco dye results & free motion quilting

The quilt on Lily right now is being quilted "upside down". This is actually the back. It's a hand-dyed fabric done by Vicki Welsh. It's Fuchsia, yellow & orange, though the pink doesn't show very much in my photos.

I am dividing it up like a crazy quilt & doing something different in each section.

My weekend dying was mixed results. The piece of lichen dyed wool turned out pretty well, & the reflector that my DD Michelle gave me helped me get photo close to the true color. The wool was mordanted with Alum.

This next piece is silk that I used a Eucalyptus plant. It was a bit brittle, so I only got color rather than leaf impressions from it. I used vinegar for the silk mordant.

This next piece of silk is from Elderberry leaves.

The final 2 pieces are the rust dyed cotton that Anita Heady gave me. I used Elderberry leaves on this one,

& Lupin leaves on the last. The process didn't give me good prints, but it did cause changes in the color.

I'm not satisfied with this process yet, but will keep trying. I'm thinking my fabric dried out too fast, as well as the leaves drying too much too, because of the heat & direct sun the day I did it. It might be better to try on a cooler day!


Vicki W said...

Your quilting looks like a lot of fun! Dyeing is always fun even when the results aren't "perfect".

mindy said...

Those dyeing pieces are still cool and I know you'll find something awesome to use them in. You have such a knack for taking anything and making it gorgeous! I happen to like those earthy browns.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice dyeing-beautiful wool results! I love the orange in the quilt! Your quilting is just right!

Judy said...

That's a wonderful back piece of hand dyed fabric! I like your quilting, doing something different in each section will keep your interest going. Dyeing surprises can be rather fun, can't they?

Melodie said...

I'm loving that quilt!! There's a couple of the dye projects I really like!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I agree with Mindy, you'll do something wonderful with your dyed pieces and it will make me mad I didn't think of it!!
Your quilting is beautiful and Vicki's did a wonderful job dyeing the fabric.