Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas gifts

Here are all 4 stockings, finished & now shipped to the girls.

I free-motion quilted each girl's name into one side of the stocking, & then first initial into the other side, & painted the letters in, after the quilting was done. I used a white rabbit fur pelt that I bought from a local bead & leather shop. Yes, I know, poor bunny..but don'y you own a pair of leather shoes, or a leather purse or belt? Poor cows...

I put a glass bead on each one. For Alex's stocking,  I used part of a lambs wool collar that Aunt Ethel gave me years ago, "to make something with". Now it's heading back to Florida, where it came from.

On the back, there was an overlap, that I decided needed a button.

With satin scraps left over from the stockings, I made ornaments to put on cards. I used wire around the edges to give them stability & to make the hanger.

Another little project I did, was these wine bottles. I stuffed strings of lights into them, added a hair scrunchie around the neck & some tulle on top, & they are setting in Warren's bar.

Here is his wroght iron tree with his collection of Hallmark Eskimo figures. His art work is on the wall behind the tree.

The teddy bears are flanking the stairs again this year.

I've already received some great gifts too! My pal Judy Evans made this nice reversible bag for me.

My other friend Judy Wedeimayer made this great little wool felted bag.

This little gold zipper bag was a party favor at my Quilt Guild party today. It was full of all sorts of fun bits.

& this last bag was made & given to me by one of my best customers, Dr. Shirley Fraser.

Thanks for all of you kind comments!
Happy holidays!
Now I've got to go finish several more projects & the decorating, & cook, & get those holiday letters in envelopes & mailed....etc, etc..


Marsel said...

Those stockings are just gorgeous! The rabbit fur cuffs must be deliciously soft, and I love the re-purposed lamb's wool cuff, too. So pretty.

Merry Christmas!

Anita said...

You're so creative! Love the stockings and other decorative items you made.

Deb Levy said...

Beautiful stockings Deb! And your home looks so festive.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Vicki W said...

You've been very busy! I love your stocking and cards.

Delighted Hands said...

Very classy stockings! They will love them! I think your house is very pretty-nice job decorating. The other gifts are gorgeous! Phew, go and enjoy the rest of the month!

Steph said...

I have the same hallmark eskimos that Warren does, I could decorate a whole 6 ft tree with just them. I love those wine bottles, what a cleaver idea. Those stocking are too cool!

Melodie said...

Everything looks so festive! We don't even have a tree up. The kids just don't want to help!
I received the pkg from you. The blue one has no it for Vic?
Have a wonderful Christmas!! Looks like ours will be brown. Love & miss you!!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your stockings are over the top as usual, their beautiful.
Love all your little trees and the wine bottles. Melissa and I were doing that for New Years Eve with blue wine bottles and white lights.