Wednesday, November 09, 2011

To-Do list finished.

I feel a nice sense of accomplishment. My 'To-Do' list is completed. (Now I need to make a new one). I got all the stuff that my friend gave me sorted & organized. The ribbon reels & put on dowels & placed them under the shelves where I keep my larger cones of thread. Now Lily is clear so I can load the next large quilt, which will be Shirley's. I'll photograph the top today, & start working on quilting designs for it.
This last photo is a sneak peak of the 'Structure' quilt, that I just finished for the Fiberactions final challenge. I've enjoyed doing the challenges, & they've forced me to produce when I probably would have just worked on customer quilts. It's always good to stretch my inner artist!

New To-Do list:
1. make 2 cards
2. Photo Shirley's Quilt top
3.draw designs for above
4. work on quilting Tracy's bear quilt
5. Write holiday letter


Delighted Hands said...

An excellent transformation!!!
The to-do list is exciting, not a misery at all!

Frozenstamper said...

I love the look of your studio! The fibers in your quilt are so interesting! I love the colors!

MargaretR said...

I love your studio too Deb, very professional! Yes it's a pity when we do so many other things that our own creativity has to be left for a while. I shall go and look at your other blogs in a minute.

Steph said...

In the first picture you have on here I had to enlarge it cause it looked like someone was sitting in the corner by the microwave then I realized it was a doll head.

Good job on getting your stuff organized. I always find some new little trinket when ever I see your studio that I haven't spotted before in other visits or picture, there is so much to take in.

Melodie said...

What is that in the 'finished' photo.......left side, wearing sunglasses? You guys have Aunt Ethel stuffed?!!