Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Crow Vs Raven

In my last post I made 2 Ravens out of thread. A few of you thought they were crows. I wanted to show you the difference between the 2. This first little video shows the 2 side by side.  The Raven is a bigger smarter bird.  I have been lucky enough to have some close encounters with Ravens, & I have a real  affinity for them.

They have  a voice like no other bird, & this next video is the only one I could find that captured it.
It starts at 5:18 in the video. Enjoy.



Delighted Hands said...

Very cool-I enjoy our crows so I know that I would love to see the ravens!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, always wondered if there was a differance. Now I will look closer at the black birds (ops maybe a third) I see.

Melodie said...

That was cool!