Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Break

laconner 001In Anchorage, our yard is still knee deep in snow, but down below the roads are dusty, & muddy. We call it spring break-up.
laconner 002
This is what the driveway looks like in the morning, before the sun melts the ice for the rest of the day. Below is how my car looks, one day after it was washed!
laconner 003Here is part of Wendy’s quilt , I left it about 1/2 quilted. We also got Warren’s counter top installed in the bar. The sink & faucets still need to be hooked up.
laconner 006 laconner 004 laconner 005 The top is Onyx, we will put lights inside, & it will glow.
Now we are in Blaine, Washington, at a Worldmark condo, at Birch Bay. We were exhausted after our over night flight, then spent the morning in Seattle with Michelle & Darian. They will be coming up to the condo, along with Jon, on Monday. Warren is doing his exercises for his new knee.
laconner 007
Yesterday was gray & windy. We went to LaConner, where they are getting ready for their tulip festival.
laconner 008
The field of Daffodils was a welcome sight.
 laconner 050 
The red tulips were beautiful too. We were told it’s been cold, & most of the tulips haven’t blossomed yet, but what were there were beautiful.
laconner 056
Wee were there for the Quilt Museum. It was funny when we went in, a lady named Ruth greeted us. She asked if I was a quilter. I gave her my card, & she got very excited. She remembered my quilt, acted like I was a celebrity. My “Oh! to Dance with a Dolphin!” was the cover quilt for their festival a couple of years ago.
laconner 011 laconner 012
laconner 013
I loved this beaded purse.
 laconner 015
laconner 020
These were just a couple of several tulip quilts that were hanging for sale on the first floor.
laconner 021
The exhibit on the second floor was my favorite, but of course no photos were allowed there.
laconner 025
The top floor was Sharon Baker & Elaine Bowles.
laconner 026 laconner 029 laconner 030
These icons made me think of Debra & Barbara. They were framed in vintage wood pieces.
laconner 031 laconner 033
laconner 034
I loved the little squares, they reminded me of jewelry.
 laconner 035 laconner 036 laconner 037
I liked the colors & quilting in this simple piece.
laconner 040
This log cabin quilt was fun, done with hand-dyed hankie edges, just over lapped. I liked how dimensional it made it.
laconner 041 laconner 046
I bought some yarn at the Yarn shop. & as a reward for my DH taking me to LaConner, we stopped at the Brewing Co. & got a glass & a growler to take home.
laconner 048


Delighted Hands said...

What an incredibly inspirational day-the colors and textures are great. I don't usually gravitate to abstract quilts but loved the colors in the quilt just above the log cabin block; it glows!

Dar said...

What a fun trip you took us on. The tulips look like a quilt in themselves. Beautiful. My fav? the old buildings with the blue tin roofs...there is something primitive and yet so calming about that quilt. Why no cameras on the 2nd floor?
Bless Your more snow here after the short heatwave

Steph said...

Looks like you are having a blast. We can actually see some of moms grass in the front yard so melting is going on. Have fun on your trip!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Fun trip!
Those pilots take kind of a beating on the all night flights, too. I know, my DH used to fly them!
Thanks for the photos inside the LaConner museum. Looks great.

mindy said...

Daffodils!!! I love favorite flower....I can't wrap my mind around a whole field of them!
Glad to see Warren's knee up on the ball. Do you know what time your flight gets in so I can pick you up at the airport?
Missed you at Easter.
See you soon.

Megan said...

are you still there?
Meet for lunch? Call me!!!!!
I just read your blog after being out of town for a few days.

Ali Honey said...

Thank you Deb, I did enjoy that, seing those bulbs in such quantity is a delight and the quilts interesting. I really liked the simple one of the building shapes ( although the persective on the left is a bit wonky )- the simple lines and areas of shadow make it really stand out.
Wishing you a happy vacation. Do give lots of detail about exactly where you are so folk like me a long way away get a good idea about exactly where you are, cause I probably will never see those places for myself. I enjoyed your postand the one above.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That fish quilt by Wendy has the perfect fabric for it.