Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Quick trip to Canada & Doggie Heaven


Warren wanted to “go to the nearest Safeway grocery store”. I punched it into the GPS. The closest was about 5 miles north, in Surrey, British Columbia, so we tucked the Passports into  my purse, & headed off to Canada.

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The border was pretty. The line was long.


So a 5 mile trip, & 10 minutes of shopping in Canada only took us about 2 hours! Good thing we’re on vacation.

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The kids came to stay on Monday. We walked the beach , across from our condo. Dog Chewie came with them, & enjoyed the walk.

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Then we took Chewie to Doggie Camp, because no dogs are allowed in the condo.

063 066

It was a doggie circus. They were having a blast!


My DGD Darian posed for me on a turtle outside of Bow Wow & Woof, in Blaine.


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Delighted Hands said...

Great post-are the flowers rhododendrens? Beautiful!