Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seaside, Oregon


seaside 032

Our week in Birch Bay flew by. Thursday we got up early & drove down to Seattle. We turned in the rental car & hopped the train to Portland, OR.  In Portland our friends Ilene & Stu picked us up, & we went to Seaside. The weather was pretty gray when we woke up on Friday morning,  but cleared as the day progressed.

seaside 070

We walked around town a bit, it’s a very quaint little place.

 seaside 048

This carousel was inside a bunch of little shops.

seaside 034

This is our condo. Our room faces into the center pool area, but has a pretty good view of the ocean.

seaside 070

From our room, I noticed this strange pipe sticking up from the beach.

seaside 074

I had to hike out there, to see what it was.

seaside 083

I’m still unsure what it was!

seaside 082

There was even a dragon flying in the sky!

seaside 066


imquilternity said...

You're bringing back memories for me. We were in Seaside about two years ago and had much the same kind of weather. It's such a charming place, isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing your lovely trip.

Steph said...

never thought I would see a Dragon flying thanks for that!

jeanne said...

Welcome to Oregon! Hope you are finding some of the wonderful shops full of fabric!

Jeannie said...

We visit Seaside every fall and it is my favorite place to sit and relax. If I remember right, it was for desalinization. Doogers has a wonderful scallop dinner and the diner out on 101 south of town has the best marionberry pie and chowder. Have fun!

Deb Geyer said...

Ah-h-h!! I wish I could take a vacation!! :-)

BTW, Keb, are you on Facebook?

Deb Geyer said...

My should have been BTW, Deb!! Can't even spell my own name!!