Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sketches & Quilting

MQR2 010 MQR2 009
I woke up early this morning & started sketching for the on line class I’m doing. I did 10 pages, before my hand cramped up & decided I should move on to other tasks I needed to do. The feather sketch below is similar to the feathers I quilted on the “Chicken Delight” quilt that won an Honorable Mention at APNQ IN 2004.
MQR2 007
I’m thinking about doing this leaf design on the  quilt that I just loaded on to Lily.
MQR2 005
Below I test quilted it on black velvet using 12 wgt. Aurafill  cotton thread.
MQR2 027
This little seascape is another design I did on the same fabric with the same thread.
 MQR2 029
I made a background quilt to hold my threadplay samples, for the Basic samples.
MQR2 017
The Advanced Threadplay I mounted on black card stock.
MQR2 018
I agonized over the quilt that I’m going to be quilting on Lily. It has a back as beautiful as the front, & the quilting is going to be more visible on the back. I thought long & hard about possibly putting the back on top to do the quilting, but ultimately decided against doing it that way because of so many bias edges on the top.
I stitched Wash-away stabilizer to all of the top’s edges, then cut all but a 1 inch strip along the edge, to help stabilize & keep it square. I also used wash-away thread, so it will all go away with just a little water, when I’m done quilting.
MQR2 023
Below are the front,
and back of the quilt.
thrplysamp 006


Cindi said...

Your sketches and quilting are beautiful! Very fun. I hope to advance to such intricate quilting at some time in my life. For now I'm still practicing simple flowers and feathers. You're a great inspiration!

Anita said...

Your quilting is lovely! I especially like the black with white thread sample you did. I'm a practicin' fool these days on my machine and finally feeling a little comfortable.

Marsel said...

Those sketches are breathtaking! You definitely have an artistic gift...

Delighted Hands said...

Amazing-I love the seascape one! These are calling us forward in our quilting-thank you!

Dar said...

I am constantly amazed at your talent. I,too, love the seascape. It brings back a fond memory. Wow, what you do...I'm afraid my little sewing machine sits idle for now. I Will keep checking you out tho for I am so in awe.
Blessings Be Yours

Rian said...

Your white-on-black sketches are awesome, and so are you.

Jane said...

Beautiful designs Deb! I took some time just getting caughtup with your blog and was surprised with all I'd missed. Your threadplay work is gorgeous and I especially liked your Fiberaction piece using Mrs Roosevelt. How neat for an inspiration. I've heard you've gotten quite a cold spell up that way... I envision you just as your profile photo

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your quilting designs are beautiful, I'm sure your at the head of your class. Looking at your thread play flower (on your tree quilt), I can not imagine how you made it. It looks knitted! I love it.

Melodie said...

Simply gorgeous!!

Sandy said...

Wow!-great work.

Quilts on Bastings said...

Your sketches are fabulous - I did Carla's class in November - isn't it fabulous!