Friday, January 15, 2010

Friends & Initiative

 brewhs 012

This post is a mix. Wednesday evening we went out to Orso’s restaurant with our usual Wed. evening crowd, for a Beer & Wine tasting dinner. The beers & wines were both good & not so good. The food was unusual. If this had been my first Orso experience, it may well have been my last too. I do love this restaurant though & will go back, but will order off the menu, not  just get the chef’s surprise, because there were some surprises. Have you ever eaten Pork Belly? That’s what that pretty thing in the picture above is. Now, my DH & I don’t eat beef, or pork either one on a normal day. Occasionally we eat very crisply cooked bacon. This was a gelatinous mass of fat, with thin layers of meat. The flavor was nice, & the kale it rested upon was great, but I just couldn’t take that fat. Ugh.

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Above is Ellis ( he works with Warren in RT), & Maria, a traveler RN, who came here from South Africa.

Below are Lisa & her neighbor Cecil, who shared our table. I found out that Lisa is engaged to a CRNA, Carl, who I know from the Recovery Room. Tina is the girl in green next to Ellis. She is a traveler RT from Oklahoma City.

brewhs 023

We had a good time visiting. Below are Maria, Will (Warren’s partner at work), & Warren himself.

brewhs 024

Desert was pretty, but the chef spoiled a good brownie by adding banana to it. It made it way too rich, on top of a fat filled meal. It wasn’t a good move. The Madera wine with this course was lovely. Rich, full bodied, like raisins in the sun.

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Thursday was Calendar Girls at Jackie Carley’s house. Jackies new dog Cammy was being very protective.

calg-qw1 001

Mary Lee shared her new project. It was such a happy warm & sunny piece.

calg-qw1 003

Today is the reveal for the “Initiative Challenge”. This was mine, but the others are wonderful. Go check them out. I’ve written the description of what I did there.

calg-qw1 005 calg-qw1 006 calg-qw1 007 calg-qw1 010 calg-qw1 012

Lastly, I am taking an online quilting course from Carla Barret , & here are a couple of exercises I did today. I used dry erase marker on clear vinyl, to demonstrate how I might quilt these 2 quilt tops. The first is a top my big sister Vicki made, that I will eventually put another border on, then quilt for her.

calg-qw1 040

This Grandmother’s Flower garden is an old top that I felt sorry for & bought off of Ebay. I don’t think I will ever actually quilt it, as it has some real “technical” problems, but I have used it for a table cloth under the vinyl, & it’s great for that.

calg-qw1 041


Deb Geyer said...

Lots to comment on!

I like your initiative piece. It has lots of nice texture, as your work always has.

I also like the quilting design on Vicki's top; very creative and works with the piecing! Lovely!

Delighted Hands said...

I don't do well with pork either, but the evg out sounded like a great time. Love the quilt exercises-look forward to seeing how it stretches you in your work.

Dar said...

I'm speechless...your work it truly an artform...I am blown away at what can be done these days with needle and thread...Congrats on your wonderful work. The threadplay is so cool and I loved the Initiative award winner.
So, how's the weather there, my lil sister used to live in the North Pole and guess where she lives now,...Michigan...your home stomping ironic is that.
Blessings Be Yours