Thursday, October 16, 2008

Angelina Fibers & Car-ma

In answer to my sister's question on what I used to make my rubber stamps, these are the Exacto knives I use. The rubber material for carving comes in sheets 3/8ths inch thick, & can be purchased in small squares all the way up to an 8 1/2" x 11".

My friend Ilene is doing well. I've been worrying about her because I haven't been able to reach her husband by phone, & unfortunately I didn't think to ask what hospital she was going to be in, so I found her famous brother on the Internet & emailed him. He emailed right back & let me know she's doing well.

We've been having a run of bad Car-ma lately. That's an intentionally bad pun. My Durango was just in the shop for transmission troubles, now the van is in for the same thing, & today Warren's truck sprung a leak of engine coolant, & is now in the shop for that! The van is our summer car, that we loan out to friends & family when they come up to visit. It doesn't have 4 wheel drive, & we're hoping we will be able to get it home when they're done with it. The hill we live on is a 4 wheel drive hill in winter, & it's winter here now.
The TV satellite dish was blow off it's Azimuth a week ago, we're still waiting for the dish guy to come realign it, & our hot tub has been on the blink for 3 weeks. The guy came today to replace the temperature probe. Is Mars in retrograde?

Tomorrow I'll be teaching the ABC's of Embellishment Class, part 1. I've been playing around with the Angelina fibers in preparation for the class.

This is a feather entrapped in fibers.

This is a little cluster of Forget-me-nots made from Angelina fibers.

This is a work in progress. The Angelina fibers ironed over a rubber stamp, then stitched down on fabric that I painted, & embellished with Xpandaprint & Pearl-ex powder. I burned the edges on this & the brick-rusty red color fabric. I also painted & stamped the rusty-red fabric. It's all layered on top of a piece of an upholstery fabric, & time related words free-motioned on top.

I'll be doing some hand embellishing in different threads, ribbons & beads before I'm finished.


Guzzisue said...

WIP comming on nicely I see. :-) know what you mean about vehicle probs, we seem to have had a year of bikes and car breaking down- the latest is the car lock so DH is having to climb in the passenger side and slide accross each time!

The Calico Cat said...

Love the trapped feather...
Good luck with the car troubles.

Melodie said...

So who is Ilene's famous brother?
Nice work, love the sparkles!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Your process reminds me of Stephanie Novatski's...(google her if you don't know her). You are both so fearless and receptive to the possibilities of lots of materials, adding step after step after step to get such a rich and layered look. It's like you wonder, "what happens if I....?"
Very cool.

Steph said...

that feather is really cool! I love how creative you are.