Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Birthday DH & DS

Today is both my DH Warren's, & my DS Brandon's birthdays. Brandon is in Kwajalein, I ended up leaving him a message, he must've been out for dinner. Warren had to work the last 5 nights, & is working tonight, but we had a little celebration here today. This was the gift that waited for him when he came home from work this morning.
The day was snowy, with heavy flakes falling all morning. We got about 6 or 7 more inches of snow today. I hung up this little quilt, which is what our little cabin looked like before we added on to it. Someday I'll do another with the addition in it.
I also started a good fire in the wood stove, & hung up Kuspuk Kate, & Parka Pete (the first class I ever took). Patterns for it can still be bought. Jean Campbell is the pattern maker.
I took advantage of the heat from the fire & made bread. Broccoli took advantage of it too.
This is the birthday card I made for Warren. I can't show you Brandon's because he doesn't have it yet.
I bought this little copper moose ornament to decorate the package.
This is what was inside. I made this little role-up case to hold the new beard trimmer that I bought for him.
I also made the acorn & leaf closure out of Sculpy clay.
This is what the inside looks like. I put extra pockets in it for his comb & brush & whatever else he wants to put in it when traveling. He was very happy with it.
For dinner I made an old fashioned New England boiled dinner, (one of his favorites),
& a wicked peanut butter bar with peanut butter cup ice cream for dessert. He took the rest of the bars to work with him tonight to share. I didn't want them left here to end up on my thighs!
The bread is all done & the house smells Heavenly. It's been a lovely cozy day at home.


Melodie said...

It sure was a cozy day! And I enjoyed it! Now I'll go light some candles (one smells like a wood fire) and turn on my electric fireplace.........and pretend. (It's still in the 60's here.) Love you!
P.S. I bought his card months ago but mailed it late!! It's on it's way!

Delighted Hands said...

You have captured the essence of home-beauty abounds.

Fran├žoise said...

What a yummy and cozy post! It looks already like winter.
Happy birthday to your men.

MargaretR said...

Happy birthday to both your men! As Delighted Hands mentions you captured the essence there amd i can even smell that bread! I love snow, but I suppose you can get too much of it. We never seem to have snow now as we did when I was a child. Thanks for your comment on DG Deb. I'm having email problems the last few days.

Steph said...

its a small world October 7th is also richard's bday and I also got him a beard trimmeer.

Gaia Quilter said...

Warren's trimmer case, card and package were all wonderful. I love the acorns too!

Dionne said...

What a cozy celebration! Just the best in home-comforts.

Helen Suzanne said...

OO the bread... Ok I'm gonna copycat :D

I love it when you show us your cosy home. The stove is, as always, just beautiful... now then, you can cook on yours! I think my stove top is too thick to let much heat through - I can't boil a kettle on mind but it will keep a cup of tea very hot.

Deb Geyer said...

You are such a thoughtful wife!! :-)

maggi said...

What a lovely blog site. Your work is beautiful and your home looks incredibly welcoming. The snow looks fantastic, glad we don't get too much here nowadays as I live on top of a hill and my drive is on a slope so I have to leave the car at the bottom when it does snow.