Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sewing & the 7 Deadly Sins

This first picture is a hint of the threadplay, Minister's scarf that I made for my DD Michelle's wedding. I wrote an article about how it was made, for Fiber & Stitch on line magazine's Feb. issue. It's
really been a neat magazine. Full of all kinds of great information. Sue B has been doing a fine job of it.
Yesterday I worked on the first of 13 ribbons that I'll be making for this year's Alaska Fiber Festival. This ribbon will go to the first place winner in the Trendy Tundra Coats competition.

We would like to have more people send in dolls for the doll portion of our show, so if anyone out there reading this makes dolls, & would like to send one in, let me know. The details are on the web page. There is a $250.00 prize for the Viewer's choice, plus a special ribbon made by Yours Truly. Dolls can be for sale, & if sold at the show, the AFF will get 25%, which isn't bad, considering most places get 50%.

If you want to come up to Anchorage, we're having some interesting teachers. Kennith King is who I'll be taking classes from. I don't really want to take "quilting " classes any more. I'm to the point where I'm teaching my own stuff, & I'd rather go outside of the quilting realm, to learn different techniques that I might want to adapt to my quilting.

We're also having Jennie Rayment , who is said to be a "real Hoot", she will be doing a fabric strip-tease as part of one evening entertainment.( Don't ask, I'm just reporting what the boss told me.) Our 3rd featured teacher is Marilyn Moore, who works with wire & flame. Her classes sounded like fun too, but I can't be in 2 places at once, even if I am a Gemini.

Last evening, we went to a Beer Taste with friends Ellis & Beth.

I don't even like beer, but the food was great. There were 7 courses, with 7 different beers, each named after one of the 7 Deadly Sins. I drank water, & the 3 of them split my beers, then I drove home at the end of the night.

If I were going to be a beer drinker though, I think I could acquire a taste for "Lust". It had a deep chocolate-coffee flavor to it, that I think I could like. I tried a drop of each, just to say I "tasted" them.

I finished the last few beads on my purse today. This is the full view of the Olive side, front...

&back. I didn't put any extra embellishments on the back side, because this side is worn against the body, & anything on the surface would likely snag on my clothes.

The reverse side is dark chocolate. I hand-painted the strap, & couched some yarn on the green side. I was unable to find a strap that I liked ready-made, & I've quit making my own straps out of the fabric, because the fabric straps wear out to quickly.

The Reverse-a-purses & Over The Top Embellishments & Threadplay all demonstrated on this purse, will be classes I'll be teaching at the PALS & Lighthouse Quilt Guild in Muskegon & Grand Haven, Michigan in early September. Also in early may at Coupeville Arts on Whidbey Island this coming May.

Broc says he approves of today's blog. He likes to edit as I type. So helpful, he is.


MJAPA said...

Haha! Broc looks like he is up to no good! I remember how he was "helping me" upload photos while I was there. Bratty kitty. He is lucky he is cute! Loves to you!

Granny Fran said...

Cats are very good editors, well, they are very determined anyway!

Coffee chocolate beer!?! Has to be an improvement!

Your purse is lovely!

Sue B said...

Deb that purse is too cool! I wish I lived there so I could take that class.

StegArt said...

The purse looks great! I love when you show pictures of Broc, he's such a handsome fellow.

Rian said...

Oh Deb, that Minister's scarf is TDF! I had fun poking around Sue B's blog. I wish I coulc come to Alaska for your fiber festival.

The quilting on your purse is absolutely gorgeous.

Broccoli looks great in that picture.

Debra Spincic said...

Wonderful purse! Sounds like you have some great inspiration coming your direction this year. Lucky You!

Micki said...

Love the purse and the scarf looks cool. Can't wait to read the article.

jenclair said...

Great purse, Deb! What fun to have the opportunity to branch out with such a variety of class options.

MargaretR said...

Your bag is wonderful Deb. I really look forward to reading how to make your scarf with the unusual name.

Barbara C said...

Smart kitty. He looks like a discerning reader. Your bag is gorgeous--what delicious quilting.

Gaia Quilter said...

The Fiber Festival ribbon is wonderful, hearing about it makes me wish I was going to be there. It is a great show, I'll miss it and you and Warren, and I know Warren will miss me!

Judi Wellnitz said...

I know quite a few doll makers who send in dolls to your show every year. But there's no feedback - we never see photos of the display. How are the dolls received? It costs to send dolls there and back plus your entry fee - what does it do for the doll maker? It's not a well known show like the IQF at Houston which gets hundreds of dolls for their exhibits. Things to consider.
North Pole, Alaska