Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calendar Girls Meeting

This is what my car looked like at 10 a.m. today. It's been snowing soft dry fluffy snow since yesterday. We have a good foot of snow, or more now. Calendar Girls met at Jackie's house today, & only a few of us made it. 2 are in Hawaii right now, & 1 in Utah, but the rest I think, just got snowed in.
We had a lovely lunch.
& Gene (Jackie's husband) entertained us with interesting stories of his early days as a surveyor in the wilds of Alaska, around WW2, before the Alcan Hwy was built,& long before the Pipeline. It sounds like an interesting time in history.
Here's what we had for lunch. A yummy tortilla soup, & Jackie's homemade corn bread.
She also made these wicked Pralines, oh so sweet & gooey. I'm showing these for Margaret, who is in Utah right now, she always checks my blog to see what she's missing.
I've been working on a new purse. Embellishing the heck out of it. I'll show pictures when I'm done. In the mean time, I wanted to post a couple more gifts I got at Christmas.
These were both from my DD Michelle. Above is an Outhouse birdhouse, that I put a little light in through a hole in the bottom, & turned it into a nightlight for the upstairs bathroom. Below are some silk fabrics she got for me from a friend who went to India. She gave her money & asked her to bring back some fabric for me. They are luscious silks, & I will use them for something special. Isn't she a thoughtful daughter?


Sue B said...

Those candies look too yummy! and that silk - gorgeous!

Helen Suzanne said...

don't you just love it when you get to chat with people who've survived and can relate their story. Happy 2008 too. Did you know after being inspired by a pic of your stove you posted last year I eventually got my own fitted and often will think of you in the winter months as I cosy by my own in this harsh weather. stay warm hun.

Barbara C said...

Now that's what I call a good daughter! And boy, that's some winter weather. I'm sure it made the get-together extra important.

Happy New Year!

Rian said...

Oh, I want to be in that snow!

That silk is divine. Good Daughter, very good.

Gaia Quilter said...

I love the silk fabric, you'll make something wonderful with it, great daughter. The soup looked good also. Nothing better on a snowy day than soup.