Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Under Construction

It seems like we're getting back into home improvement mode. It doesn't leave much time for creative quilting, but feels good to work on projects that we've been planning for such a long, long time. Last night during dinner Lowes called to say our new refrigerator is in, about 3 weeks early. It was what we decided to spend our PFD on this year.The new fridge is bigger than the old, so here is how the kitchen looked this morning before we started making room for the new.
It's pretty cozy.
We emptied out the lower bank of cupboards, so now stuff is all over the kitchen.
Warren worked as long as he could hold up, but the head cold he has got the better of him, so I gladly took over. I love playing with the Saws-all, & hammer!
We managed to rip out the whole bank of cupboards without having the top row fall down (since they're full of crystal, I was glad). The new fridge will go to about where that hole is in the wall. It'll be covered with more bead board, & paint like the lower portion of the wall, & there will be shelves above the fridge & to the right. Now We have some construction to do. I'll keep you posted.
I've been meaning to share a picture of this stained glass mirror my DD Michelle gave me. The photo doesn't do it justice of course. The moon is opalescent, as well as the mermaid's body.
This is a little hand needle felting I did this morning while drinking my coffee. I wanted to show you the birthday cards I sent to my grand-daughter & SIL, but can't seem to find the pictures I thought I took. Oh well. Ta-ta for now.


Gaia Quilter said...

What did you use for the back of the needle felting project? I can't believe you did that while having your coffee, my goodness your good.

jenclair said...

You are a busy lady! The needle felted tree is perfect for the season.

MJAPA said...

I can scan them and send them to you! They are very pretty!