Saturday, October 13, 2007 beats the alternative..or does it?

Our Auntie Ethel turned 94 on Thursday. We took cake & ice-cream over to her Assisted Living home & had a little party that evening. My co-workers & boss were kind enough to let me out of work a couple of hours early so that I could celebrate with her. Unfortunately Auntie E's mind seems to have wandered off some where, & I'm not sure she understood what all the fuss was about.
The reaction of her housemates was a little mixed too. All but one was very happy to have the cake. Gracie, the lady sitting on the left got a little overwhelmed by all the company & retired to her room.
I saved enough points on my Weight Watchers so that I could enjoy a piece of cake. Warren had bought it at Costco, & they do a wonderful cake with the yummiest whipped creamy-cheese filling. It felt like Heaven in my mouth! & I still managed to drop 2 more pounds this week (10.8 so far). I rewarded the 10 pound milestone with a new book today. Illumination for Modern Calligraphers by Christopher Jarman. I like to buy books full of design inspiration, & this one has a lot of examples of Medieval art design. They are great design to inspire for quilting & applique'.
Speaking of books, the Meyns gave Warren the Bodyworlds book. He had regretted not buying it ever since we went to the exhibit in Seattle last May. He was thrilled with the gift.
Our friends Hope, Christie, Mindy, & John Meyn joined us at the house to celebrate Auntie E too. She did seem quite pleased to see John in particular. She always did sort of fancy him I think.
As far as studio time this week, all I've done is cards that I don't want to show until I've sent them to who they belong to, & today I've got some hand work to finish up the Irish Dance dress. I fitted it on Christie last Saturday, & it looked good on her.
I worked the first 3 day stretch since I've gone back to work, & my knees are killing me. Last night was a 15 hour shift. Yesterday I increased the amount of Motrin I was taking, but pain wakes me up whenever I move at night, (even if I take Benedryl & a narcotic pain pill when I go to bed). I think I'll go ahead & ask for the injections into the knees to see if that will settle them down a bit. I see the Doctor on the 29th. Getting old really isn't for sissies.


Granny Fran said...

I had a series of those lubricating shots in my arthritic knees and they worked wonders.
That was such a beautiful article on the bus drive, thanks for sharing it. Love and hugs to you as you work through your grief.

RE1-2212 said...

Was going from one quilt blog to another and found yours and since my feet are always cold thought I would take a peek at yours (not your feet your blog). The reason I'm up so late is my knees....waiting for the darvoset to kick in. Had a Cortisone shot that was suppose to last 3 mo. lasted 1 week (great week), was thiking about getting those chicken shots but awful expensive. I'm a longarm quilter so I'm on these cold feet alot....well it was nice finding your blog spot.

jenclair said...

I guess everything is a trade-off, but the "golden years" description fails to mention some important details! Hope the injections help.

MJAPA said...

How is Ethal doing? I've been thinking of her a lot today since her birthday just passed. Just wondering how she's been.
loves to you