Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving Right Along

Here's my gardener. She doesn't charge a cent, she prunes & fertilizes & seldom makes any noise.
And here's my crazy cat. He has just recently started using his paw to scoop up the water when he drinks. Is that odd, or what?!
The quilt for the next grand baby is done. It just needs washing to defuzz & fluff the cut edges.
Here's the oh-so soft back side made from Minky soft velvety fabric. Little miss Carys will love this. It isn't going to be a prize winner, & it's lucky to be done since Grandma only has 1 good arm right now.
I also played around with some of the soy wax I've been saving from candle leftovers.
I just did a little doodling on a scrap of fabric, with the wax, & some Dynaflo paints.
Not exactly your usual way of Batiking,
but I was just playing around.
These will probably end up as backgrounds for quards & ATCs.

Speaking of ATCs, I bet nobody else out there has one like this. My friend Lindsey made it for me, out of fused glass. It really is pretty, better than it shows in this photo. I'll have to try again under natural light & see if I can do better.
I even put the stays into this cape for Christie's Irish Dance dress. That's the next project I will be concentrating on. I will not waste these days that I can't work, by sitting idle.
Lastly, this is what's on my bulletin board right now. Counting down to the opening of Order of the Phoenix. I've already got my tickets for opening night.
I know you all probably think I'm nuts, but I love those stories, & going to that opening midnight show with a theater full of die-hard fans is really a fun experience. I'm really looking forward to this movie more so because of the introduction of my favorite character Luna Lovegood. I fear though that Luna will be the sacraficial lamb in the last book. She's just too sweet, & I know I'll cry, just like I did when Dumbledor died.


The Calico Cat said...

Broccoli is just entertaining you, since you are staying home all day... Mine get lovey dovey for the first two days after that , I start getting the "shouldn't you be working" look. That is until they want cat food!

Rian said...

Good to see that you are keeping busy with interesting activities. You are probably one of those people who are busy all the time.

Broccoli is too cute.

StegArt said...

Love those wax and painted fabrics. Especially that squiggly line one and the grapes.

Anonymous said...

I love the one-armed work you're doing!!
Looking at the photo of "Dave & Chris" was it?? You aren't going to know them when you see them again! Boy, have they changed!!
They're at hunter's safety tonite.
Talk to you soon........Love, Em

MJAPA said...

I went to an opening night of HP once. It was the longest I've ever waited in line for a movie. Never again. I pretend that movies open a week later than they really do so I get to wait to see them. It has been to long since I've been to one, will have to remedy this soon! Love the baby quilt, all of Lauras fave colors, she will be stoked!

Loves to you

Ali Honey said...

Broccoli might be thirsty but have a heat senstive tooth - the water might be too cold. Try him with some warm water.

Fran├žoise said...

Broccoli is so smart, he will soon start to talk, don't you think so?
I like your painted fabrics.

Granny Fran said...

You do more and better with one arm
than some us with two. Cats are so quirky. ChoCho sits by the kitchen sink until I turn it on for him so he can drink out of the running faucet water. Those candle wax dye jobs are great! Could you send me one of your helpful gardeners?

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

What a lucky grand baby! That minki ain't cheap! It's so cute and I know it's soft.

Scrapmaker said...

Wow, you get more done with one arm than I do with two!I especially love the batik pieces, I'll have to try my hand at that sometime. The minky quilt is wonderful, I love the feel of that stuff but hate to work with it.

I'd be thrilled but scared to have your gardener. Jen

Shirley Goodwin said...

I've just imported some soy wax and need time to have a play with it - maybe over the weekend.

I cried when Dumbledore died too! I LOVE the Harry Potter books, and have pre-ordered the new one.

QuiltingFitzy said...

What would you think of using Dynaflo on 100% uncolored sock-weight wool? I don't really care that it won't pattern in some fascinating way, I just want to play, lol.

Yes, I know I could just experiment, but I am SOnot a risk taker!

MargaretR said...

I love your batiks in particular Deb and I enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight. Unfortunately my bloglines just will not register it, so I don't know when it's updated.
My lovely Elders of the Earth card arrived this morning and I have just posted it on my blog now. thank you so much, it's lovely.