Friday, June 15, 2007

Just for fun

View fullHere's a little bit of fun I found
at Helen Suzanne's blog. Put your work on a museum wall. Of course
this is a bit out of proportion, since it's a post card size! Imagine the possibilities.
It's a fun website, Thanks Helen Suzanne!


Granny Fran said...

What a great plaything on a day when I'm too ill to accomplish anything in the garden. After playing with this, I think it could be a fun tool to use in designing quilts. I did the funniest self portrait with the circle tool. When I e-mailed it to my daughter she called immediately to ask how I did it. Very weird!

Rian said...

What a cool tool!

roxanestoner said...

I like that mini quilt a lot. I have gone to the website and have played with my images too. So fun. I am going to put one on my blog. Thank you for sharing the fun.