Friday, June 15, 2007

Milestone Day

Today I felt like I made some progress. I managed to sleep last night with only Ibuprofen for pain. I drove myself to my Calendar Girls quilt group, & had a great time with the girls.
This evening I decided to attempt to cut some fabric & batting for my soon to be born grand baby's quilt. I had to think about how to hold the ruler with my surgical side, & in discussing it with my DH we came up with a solution that worked well, but not fast.
I clamped my batting to the table, then clamped the rulers on the ends, & weighted them down with bean bags to help hold them still while I cut with my good arm.
It worked quite well, though I only got 6 pieces cut before I got too tired. My energy level is still a bit low.
Outside my studio window, a moose munched. We still haven't had time to do any landscaping since our construction, so the yard is pretty wild, & the moose seem to appreciate it. We've had them here a lot lately,
this one stayed for hours,
I did a little postquard, doing a little machine felting. The wool & silk rovings loved to stick to my sling. I was quite fuzzy when I got done. I started by using one of the photos I took in Washington, in the Olympic National Rain Forest. I stitched it on to a piece of batting, then embellished with the wools & silk rovings. I also embellished with some beads, & simply glued the quote that i printed from my friend Kathy.

"We need to save those Elders who cannot speak for themselves -- the trees."
--Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders
The trees are the Elders of the Earth. Go to the forest or to the mountains and find a young tree. Then find and old tree. Spend time with each. Sit by the young tree and listen to your thoughts. Then move to an old tree and listen to your thoughts again. Just being in the presence of an old tree, you will feel more calm. Your thoughts will contain wisdom and your answers will be deeper. Why is this so? These old trees know more, have heard more and are the Elders of the Earth. We must ensure these trees live so we can learn from them.
I'll be sending this to Margaret in the UK.


Rian said...

Beautiful quard. I hope today finds you feeling mo' better.

MJAPA said...

Now you have evidence that you are more talented than most people even with one arm tied behind your back! :-)

Scrapmaker said...

Lovely work, and glad to hear that you are recovering. Jen

Sue B said...

Very inventive way to cut fabric! Mags will love that card.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You sure can't keep a good quilter down.
The quard is so evocative of our forests here...well done!

Granny Fran said...

You can't keep some artists down. Lovely qward.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Deb, glad to see you are doing well. Just got the "frozen shoulder" diagnosis myself, but PT is doing wonders. I'm hang on your every word!

Don't over-do it!

Dianne said...

I love the quard - so beautiful, and the story behind it is really lovely. Lucky Mags.