Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vacation Reprise part 1

When we left Alaska our world was muddy shades of grays & browns. We couldn't park in our back driway because it was so mucky, even in 4-wheel drive we were in danger of getting stuck.
Flying into Seattle it was like going from black & white to technicolor! Like when Dorothy wakes up in Oz. We came down through the clouds & everything was green & clean & bright. I could even see the colors of the cars from above. Here they were all the gray-brown of the mud.

Our first stop was a short visit with my daughter Michelle & her family. Her hubby Jon had a show to do in New York, & Michelle was going along , so we didn't see them again until later in the trip.
Our first full day on Whidbey Island we went to Coupville, & stopped in at the Coupville Arts Center.
Ann Johnson was doing her dye class, they were taking a lunch break when we stopped in.
Coupville is a very quaint little seaside villiage. In some respects it reminded me of Seward & Homer.

I loved the old homes, & this old tractor.
Spring blossoms were everywhere.
Oak Harbor was celebrating it's Dutch heritage.

Deception Pass on the north end of Whidbey Island was a beautiful area. We drove through it several times.

We spent 3 nights at the Camlin in Seattle. Darian stayed with us for 2 nights, & on Monday evening we went to the Paramount Theater for the Silent Movie Monday & watched 2 old Harold Lloyd silent movies. The movies were augmented by Dennis James playing the Wurlitzer organ. It was a great evening. So much FUN!
As usual, I loved the architectural details in Seattle. Above is a manhole cover. Below is the outer fascade of the Paramount.
This was the veiw from our room.
When we went on to Discovery Bay for the last 10 days of our vacation the veiw was a little more serene.

These were from the decks on our condo.

Loons are always on the water. We also had a harbor seal & a pod of whales.

This whacky little bird reminded me of Rian's robin. He fought with every reflective surface on our rental car & the neighbor's car too.This lady was ourside of Bread & Roses, our favorite little sandwich shop in Port Townsend.

Hummingbirds were by the office at the condo. I also had a close encounter with one just outside our door.

I liked the look of this farm thingy along the road, with daffodils blooming.

This was as close as we got to kyaking. My pal Ilene is no longer an Alaskan. She thought it was too cold!
We went to Fort Wordon one fine sunny day. It was an interesting place.

I particurlarly liked some of the old photos of nurses there. I used to were a cap like that. This lady reminds me of my best friend in nursing school, Elaine Schoenborn. I miss her. She got upset with me when I wrote her to tell her I was getting a divorce (from the 1st husband), & I never heard from her again. It was weird. I don't understand why. Oh well....
So this was a little sample of a small fraction of my pictures. Hope you don't mind.


Melodie said...

Such a lovely trip! The lady at the Bread & Roses could be a senior version of Venus de Milo!!
Rob will appreciate the photos from the area......having been stationed on Whidby for so long. It's a beautiful area.

Rian said...

Very cool. Love the manhole cover--leave it to Seattle to have arty manhole covers. Sounds like a great trip--thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

Great pictures...made me feel like I was there..when growing up we went to Deception Pass often.. and had picnics there..enjoy your blog..

Jane Ann said...

Thanks for showing a little bit of country I'll not likely see otherwise. Darling picture of you and Warren.