Friday, May 18, 2007

Vacation Part 2

Here are some more vacation photos. I took over 500 pictures. I promise I won't put them all here. Just a sampling.
This was part of the Fort Worden State Park, in Port Townsend, Wa.

I thought the little white flowers looked like snow, so I asked Ilene to make a snow-angel for me.

We walked along the beach, & stopped for a few minutes in the little sealife center.

This was a shell that Ilene found.

The little sealife cent in Port Townsend was very nice.

Early one morning we set out to go to San Juan Island. While waiting for the ferry I shot this photo of a moody sunrise.

We hiked down to the beach on San Juan Island.

This poor starfish was out of the water at low tide.

I like the color contrast & texture of the seaweed on the rock.

Stu & Warren rested on their laurels while Ilene & I explored the tide pools.

I liked the reflection of the fence in this window at the American camp.

I love these fences too.

This lady is one that I bought hand dyed wool from. Her home & garden is very pretty.

Ilene & I had stopped here on our last trip to San Juan 4 years ago.

This showy poppy was in her garden too. There was another couple stopping here when we stopped. I started talking to them, & found out they were from Alaska too. & she was a nurse, who used to do dialysis at my hospital. Small world.

As we were driving the island, I said this is about where we saw deer the last time, then we went around the curve & there were a bunch of deer, right on cue.

We spent the night in Friday Harbor.

Below you can see the front of the condos where we stayed the night.

The next morning we took a walk in the woods in a misty rain.

This was a mausoleum

This Great Blue Heron was fishing near the ferry dock on Whidbey Island, on our way back to Port Townsend.

We had a great time with Ilene & Stu. Here I am tired & happy with Warren in our condo at Discovery Bay.


Vicki W said...

Great photos - what lovely scenery! Lots of inspiration there.

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a fun vacation...I've been to Fort Warden and loved it too...thanks for sharing your pix!

Emmy said...

great pictures thanks for sharing

Barbara C said...

What great photos! Thanks for sharing some of the beautiful things you saw on your trip

Shirley Goodwin said...

I feel some great quilts coming on, inspired by these photos!

Sue said...

Love the photos, thanks for sharing!

Dianne said...

Wonderful holiday pics!! Those sealife ones are gorgeous.

Ali Honey said...

There are some beautiful photos on this and your previos blog Deb. My favourites are the zig zag fence, that starfish that looks like it has an electric element in it,and I am sure you could use the colour and texture of that seaweed to make an ATC. ( I don't mind if you show us some more of the 500 LOL)

roxanestoner said...

HI Deb, Nice pictures, thanks for sharing your experiences. It reminded me of the great time I had at Quilting by the Sound. I miss going to Fort Warden. What a special place...

diva of quilts said...

Some of those photos would make great quilts!

MJAPA said...

Wow! You really took some great phots! You should upload them to your flickr account!

Granny Fran said...

You do look relaxed and happy, nice photo of both of you. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us. That seaweed on the rocks looks like one of your needle felted pieces.